February 24, 2006
Volume 11 No. 8

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Solutions: 2006 Mathematics Game

American Mathematical Society

Wanted: Teachers to Evaluate New NASA Education Product

  Solutions: 2006 Mathematics Game


Students' solutions to the 2006 Mathematics Game have now been posted. Submissions are still being accepted for some digits. Check this page for information:


K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks


Links to calculation tips (Beat the Calculator, divisibility rules, multiplication tips), math problem sets, and math number and line puzzles.

American Mathematical Society


The American Mathematical Society has recently added two resources of interest to their website.

Poster: "What can I do with a math degree?"

That question is one that math teachers hear often from high school and undergraduate students. In response, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) has created a poster to inform and inspire students, available as a PDF in a small version at


Order this poster, suitable for classroom display, by e-mailing student-serv@ams.org with the subject line "careers poster."

AMS Presidents: A Timeline


The American Mathematical Society (AMS) website has a collection of pages about the 58 people who have served as AMS president. Each page includes information about a president's academic career and honors, links to more extensive biographical information, and his or her picture. Beyond playing a key role in leading the Society in its publications and meetings, AMS presidents have been leaders in bringing visibility to the mathematics profession and advocating support for research in the mathematical sciences.

Wanted: Teachers to Evaluate New NASA Education Product


NASA Smart Skies solicits teachers to classroom test LineUp With Math, its newest standards-based math and science instructional activity. Math and science teachers representing grades 5-9 are invited to evaluate the web-based and print-based materials during March and April 2006.

LineUp With Math enables students to explore and resolve distance-rate-time conflicts in realistic air traffic control problems using decision-making and proportional reasoning skills. Students use a web-based interactive simulator that represents an air traffic controller's screen.

Acting as controllers, students are challenged to "line up" planes safely, with proper spacing, at a given intersection of jet routes. Accompanying workbooks and classroom activities provide the underlying mathematics and strategies to enable students to optimize their solutions.


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