March 9, 2007
Volume 12 No. 10

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Meet the Math Forum Staff - NCTM Booth 1319 and NCSM Table 12

Math Awareness Month (MAM)

Math Scientific Calculator


Meet the Math Forum Staff - NCTM Booth 1319 and NCSM Table 12

Meet the Math Forum staff at Table 12 in NCSM's Display Area and also in the NCTM Exhibit Hall at Booth 1319 (a prime number!) and learn more about:

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Enter our drawing to win a prize. Drawings will be held at 4:00 PM Thursday and Friday and 11:00 AM Saturday. Winners will have their choice of:

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Math Awareness Month (MAM)

The theme of Mathematics Awareness Month 2007 is Mathematics and the Brain.

Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM) provides the mathematical sciences community with opportunities for promoting the importance and versatility of mathematics, and its relationships to our daily lives.

View these pages on their site:

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Math Scientific Calculator

John Page has recently added a math scientific calculator as a resource to his Math Open Reference site. Click the link "Show Maximum Size" to display in full screen mode, which expands the calculator to the largest size that will fit your computer's display -- handy for use in a classroom with a projector.

Information on his page includes:

  • Instructions
  • Functions
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Constants
  • The ANS button
  • Decimal places displayed
  • Automatic features
  • Unary minus
  • Full screen mode


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