May 25, 2007
Volume 12 No. 21

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Wolfram Demonstrations Project


Villany, Inc.: Thwarting World Supremacy through Mathematics


Wolfram Demonstrations Project

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project is a web collection of freely available, interactive demonstrations in math, science, and many other areas.

Ranging in level from elementary education to front-line research, this collection of open-code "mini-applications" -- all created in Mathematica 6 -- grows every day, with contributions by users from around the world.

At its launch, the project featured nearly 1,300 Demonstrations, making it larger, and more diverse, than any similar collection of educational Java or Flash applets available on the web.

For website visitors who do not have Mathematica 6, the free Mathematica Player can be downloaded here:

More information about the dynamic capabilities in Mathematica 6 is available at:


TeacherTube provides teachers, schools, and home learners an educationally focused, safe venue to upload, tag and share videos worldwide.

The site lets you:

  • attach support files such as assessments, lesson plans, and notes
  • browse hundreds of videos uploaded by community members
  • find, join and create video groups
  • connect with people who have similar interests
  • customize the experience by subscribing to member videos, saving favorites, and creating playlists
  • integrate TeacherTube videos on websites using video embeds or APIs
  • make videos public or private

In particular, visit TeacherTube's Math Channel.

Villany, Inc.: Thwarting World Supremacy through Mathematics

To thwart the evil Dr. Wick, ID, middle grade students take on the role of an advisor to his company, Villainy, Inc. -- while secretly using their math skills to make sure Wick never succeeds.

As undercover double agents for the Anti-Villainy Unit (the AVU), students complete missions such as "The Golf of Mexico" or "Drive Thru Deceit" by solving unique and complex activities that explore

  • statistics and probability
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • decimals
  • percents
  • negative numbers

Short animated segments advance the story and show how the mathematical challenges influence its outcome. Finally, students see one of three different endings, based on how correctly they answer the last math challenge. Missions draw on the Maryland State Curriculum indicators and objectives

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