June 15, 2007
Volume 12 No. 24

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Modeling Middle School Mathematics

Sudoku Squares and Chromatic Polynomials

Podcasts for Leaders in Mathematics Education


Modeling Middle School Mathematics


Modeling Middle School Mathematics (MMM) features video lessons (on tape and via the Web) that examine the content and structure of five mathematics curricula:

  • Connected Math Project
  • Mathematics in Context
  • MathScape
  • MathThematics
  • Pathways to Algebra and Geometry

Included on the website are:

  • video clips of classrooms using the curricula
  • transcrips of the video clips
  • teacher pages from the curricula
  • student work

Even if you do not use any of these curricula, the videos provide ideas on classroom management strategies, the use of manipulatives, and questioning techniques.

Sudoku Squares and Chromatic Polynomials


"Have you ever been trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle and been gripped by a sinking feeling that maybe you were stuck with a lemon? That maybe the puzzle you are struggling with actually has no solution at all? And, if you do find a solution, how can you be sure it's the only one? What if half an hour ago you had written 5 instead of 3 -- would you then have gone down a path to a completely different solution?"

Agnes M. Herzberg and M. Ram Murty explore these questions and others in their article "Sudoku Squares and Chromatic Polynomials." It appeared in the June/July 2007 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

The authors use graph theory to systematically analyze Sudoku puzzles. They also find that analyzing Sudokus leads to some unsolved problems in graph theory.

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Podcasts for Leaders in Mathematics Education


NCSM provides podcasts as an educational service for its members and visitors to ncsmonline.org. The podcasts (as MP3/MPEG format audio files) can be listened to or downloaded.

In addition, you can subscribe to the NCSM podcast episodes by using your favorite "pod catcher" (such as Apple's iTunes, available for Macintosh or PC platforms), or any method that accepts or manages RSS feeds. By subscribing, you'll be sure to know when future episodes are available. NCSM plans to publish a new episode each week.


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