April 18, 2008
Volume 13 No. 16

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NCSM and NCTM Handouts

TI Math

Welcome to Steve's Blog


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Free Online

For teachers of students in grades 3-5:
Tools for Building Math Concepts

For teachers of students in grades 5-9:
Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability

For teachers of students in grades 5-9:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning

For all students:

For students in grades 9-10:
the MathMentor


Math Forum Exhibit Hall Handouts from NCSM and NCTM 2008


Did you miss finding us in the Sponsor Display area at NCSM or the Exhibit Hall at NCTM? Maybe you did find us but you would like additional copies of our handouts? Feel free to access the printed matter (in PDF format) distributed recently at our booths.

Math Forum Presentation Handouts from NCSM 2008
The handout information from our recent presentations in Salt Lake City is available here:

Develop Technology Expertise in Mathematics Teacher Leaders: The Math Forum Hybrid Workshop Model
Suzanne Alejandre and Jason Silverman
Using Constructed Response Problems to Enhance Assessment and Increase Students' Connections to Mathematics
Stephen Weimar and Annie Fetter

Math Forum Presentation Handouts from NCTM 2008

An Online Workshop Explores Tools for Building Crucial Elementary Math Concepts
Annie Fetter
Developing Probability and Data Analysis Concepts with Technology
Claire Mead
Increase the Odds That Your Students Will Be Excited About Probability and Data Analysis!
Steve Risberg
Math Forum Online Workshops - Building an Understanding of Probability
Suzanne Alejandre
Talking Probability in a Collaborative Online Environment
Stephen Weimar

TI Math


Choose from activities in your subject area and your choice of TI graphing calculator: TI-Nspire, TI-Nspire CAS, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and TI-89 Titanium.

Subject areas include

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • PreCalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

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Professional Development


The goal of Texas Instruments' professional development is to enable mathematics educators to succeed in the classroom through the appropriate use of technology.

Resources include:

  • Online Courses - Getting Started with TI-Nspire(TM)
  • T^3(TM) TI-Nspire(TM) Training Events
  • T^3 - Teachers Teaching with Technology Regional Conferences
  • The Math Forum @ Drexel: Technology Problems of the Week
  • Atomic Learning Tutorials

Welcome to Steve's Blog


"Advocate for Change" Steve Rasmussen, the CEO and President of KCP Technologies, has recently started writing a blog, which he describes as his "ideas, commentary, photos, and adventures relating to mathematics education."

Topics include:

  • Rejuvenating the Mathematics Education Profession
  • Welcome to My Taxi Diaries -- Commentary on My Mathematical Adventures in Asia
  • Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel
  • NPR -- China's Labor Advances May Affect US Prices
  • Will We Go the Way of the Codfish?
  • Social Dimensions of Technology
  • Buy "Steve's Algebra Pill"

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