May 30, 2008
Volume 13 No. 22

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Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability

How Round Is Your Circle?

Interactivate: Assessments


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For teachers of students in grades 3-5:
Tools for Building Math Concepts

For teachers of students in grades 5-9:
Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability

For teachers of students in grades 5-9:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning

For all students:


Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability

Applications are open until June 23 for our online workshop "Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning About Probability," targeted for 5th - 9th grade teachers.


Currently the workshop fees are paid for participants by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

How Round Is Your Circle?

This website contains illustrations and videos to support the book "How Round Is Your circle? Where Engineering and Mathematics Meet" by John Bryant and Chris Sangwin.

Sections of the site:

  • Falling apart
  • How to draw a straight line
  • Chebyshev's paradoxical mechanism
  • Solids of constant width
  • Balancing dominoes
  • Rolling discs
  • Approximately straight lines
  • Other linkages
  • How round is your circle
  • Applications of non-roundness
  • Amazing polyhedra
  • Measuring area

Interactivate: Assessments

A set of Shodor's Interactivate activities now have a new feature so that the user may keep track of correct responses. To use these activities as "assessments" just select the "Keep Score" button on the Java applet page.

A number of these activities, the Connect Four type games and the Quizzes, also allow users to select difficulty levels and specific problem types, as well as set a time limit, allowing for further tailoring of the assessment to their abilities. The Connect Four type games are designed for two players whereas the other activities listed are designed for individual work.

Activities are organized under these topics:

  • Number and Operations
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Modeling
  • Discrete
  • Other

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