December 26, 2008
Volume 13 No. 52

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Port of Long Beach: Curriculum

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More Seasonal Math Forum Problems of the Week

A few issues ago we featured some problem solving prompts with seasonal themes from our Problems of the Week service:

Here are a few more:

  • 3875: Pinecones
  • 3632: Practicing for the Winter Olympics
  • 1010: Santa's Little Helpers
  • 1840: Shanell's Holiday Treats
  • 1494: Skiing in Vermont
  • 1070: Snow Day Phone Chain
  • 3431: Snow Day!
  • 4199: Snow Globes
  • 1059: Snow Removal
  • 5003: Snowy Footprints
  •  988: The Christmas Gifts
  • 3368: The Gates
  • 4096: The Great Northern Triathlon
  •  498: The Growing Snowflake
  •  701: The Koch Snowflake
  • 1959: The Speed Skating Oval
  • 1417: The Twelve Percents of Christmas
  • 1825: The Twelve What of Christmas??
  • 1936: Winter Gold
  • 3227: Winter Is Coming!

If you have a PoW membership that includes access to our Problems Library, view these problems by entering their three- or four-digit numbers to the left of the "Go" button here:

If you have an individual teacher membership that you purchased online, we'd gladly apply your $25 purchase toward the cost of a class membership that would give you access to these Library PoWs. Just call us toll-free during East Coast business hours: (800)756-7823.

If you are not a member, consider signing up for a Trial Account:

During the trial period of twenty-one days, up to five problems may be viewed by either the students or the teacher, students may submit to any of those five problems, and teachers may try out the corresponding Teacher Office to review and respond to their students' work.

Memberships purchased now run through December 31, 2009.

Port of Long Beach: Curriculum

Port of Long Beach: Classroom is a series of lessons that combines real-world international shipping and trade situations with content from the California state-approved curriculum.

Teacher's guides, lessons and videos are available on the site; contact the Port of Long Beach for hard copies, or for CDs of the animated PowerPoint presentations.

Available curricula:

  • Middle School Math
  • High School Math (geometry and algebra)
  • Economics and International Trade (12th grade)

Created by the Port of Long Beach in partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District (California).

Mathematics Materials for Tomorrow's Teachers (M2T2)

Five mathematics modules for use training future mathematics teachers. Aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards, the modules feature activities with paper and pencil, manipulatives, and Java applets.

The site offers a separate list of applets, as well as other materials from the modules.


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