February 29, 2008
Volume 13 No. 9

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eNLVM Project Article

Mathematics with A.L.I.C.E.

Theorem of the Day


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eNLVM Project Article


Joel Duffin, eNLVM Project Director, wrote us to announce: "We recently posted an article titled 'The eNLVM Project: Promoting Student Achievement in Mathematics through Educator Collaboration,' by Pam Buffington and Burt Granofsky.

"Pam Buffington is a project director at The Center for Online Professional Education at Education Development Center, Inc. As part of the eNLVM project, Pam worked with middle school and high teachers in Maine to to develop and use eNLVM lessons. Burt Granofsky is a Mathematics Curriculum Developer who worked with Pam and others on the eNLVM project.

"The article explores the use of the eNLVM from the perspectives of Curriculum Developer, Math Content Expert, Special Education Professional, and Classroom Teacher. The article paints a picture of how multiple educators can collaborate to use the eNLVM to create content and technology-rich eModules."

Mathematics with A.L.I.C.E.


Mathematics with A.L.I.C.E was a 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge created by students in Northville, Michigan, and Singapore. A biography of Lewis Carroll is a feature of the site that borrows his most famous character, Alice, as a tour guide. Alice enters the rabbit hole to learn about linear equations and polynomials. An activities section discusses math problems and provides a chat room for you to enter the conversation.

Theorem of the Day


Last May we first featured Robin Whitty's site, who now shares news of having "... reached a milestone: theorem number 100! Appropriately enough, the theorem asserts the existence of a remarkable combinatorial structure called the Design of the Century.

"In case you should feel moved to leave a message of congratulation, I have added a Visitors' Book to the website. Better still, leave a suggestion for a theorem to include among my next 100. Or an idea for how Theorem of the Day might be made more accurate, more accessible or generally more accomplished and acclaimed."


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