July 10, 2009
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Sands of Time


If you drizzle salt into a pile on top of a triangular base, the pile will develop ridge lines. What's the geometry of those ridges? In this article, Willowcreek Middle School (Lehi, UT) teacher Troy Jones explores the geometric concepts within physical salt piles using triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles in several configurations.

This page features an article (PDF format), PowerPoint presentation, Geometer's Sketchpad file, and textbook reference for a classroom exploration of these concepts.

Troy developed these materials as part of the Park City Mathematics Institute, or PCMI. This year's institute is currently under way. See more projects, papers, and activities from PCMI here:


Higher Bitesize: Maths


"Tasty chunks of revision goodness..." Revision means studying, and this site aims to help students study, with online illustrations and materials, and interactive tests.

Topics covered include:

Quadratic theory
Recurrence relations
The circle
The straight line
Compound and multiple angles
Radians and Equations
Wave function

Games to Relax - Cut-the-Knot


This site presents a collection of Java-based interactive games and puzzles with mathematical contents and a few practice exercises disguised as games.

Alexander Bogomolny, the site's author, writes, "There are a few games whose purpose is to allow for a relaxation period before or after taking up the mathematical challenges. One does have to relax from time to time."


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