August 14, 2009
Volume 14 No. 33

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Make It Real Learning

The Math Forum is pleased to announce a relationship with a new sponsor, Make It Real Learning. Make It Real Learning creates engaging math activities based on real world data. Whether learning about fractions from a chocolate chip cookie recipe or learning about linear functions from a cell phone plan, the activities teach math while answering the question, "When am I ever going to use this?"

Make It Real Learning publishes a free educational newsletter and offers a free 10-activity sampler of some its most popular math activities. Discounted pricing on the 110-activity Activity Library, Volume 1, and the newly released States by the Numbers series are offered to school districts and colleges for volume purchases.

In the months ahead, the Math Forum and Make It Real Learning plan to work together in creating customized educational materials for learners in workforce development programs and professional/technical training programs. By providing learners with the math they need at the time they need it, the Math Forum hopes to help workers increase the on-the-job skills that will allow them to advance in their jobs.


Alasdair Trotter and George Tattersfield provide thousands of very short video lessons, recorded by dozens of different professional teachers whose methods and styles of teaching math vary widely. The diverse perspectives and "bite-size" chunks in Guaranteach's video library let viewers stay focused as they learn everything from fractions to calculus according to their own preferences.

In addition to the videos, there are extra features:

  • an assessment quiz that recommends videos to match a student's learning style
  • quizzes that let students practice the math they learn
  • reports that track student progress


Retrosheet is dedicated to digitizing play-by-play accounts of Major League Baseball games from the past century through the present. Freely download:

  • event files
  • game logs
  • schedules
  • team and player statistics
  • franchise histories
  • milestones
  • pitcher/batter matchups
  • standings
  • trades
  • box scores
  • managers' and umpires' records
  • Hall of Fame and awards honorees
  • ejections

...and more. "Special features" include:

  • in-depth coverage of Jackie Robinson's batting splits and other data from his regular season performances
  • game details of the first big league game ever played
  • ongoing historical examination of "pre-baseball" games, dating back hundreds of years

Download research papers written with Retrosheet data, bearing titles such as

  • Modeling Rare Baseball Events
  • Momentum and Winning Streaks
  • The Value Added Approach to Evaluating Performance
  • Do Base Stealers Help the Next Batters?
  • Should Pitchers Bat 9th?

Browse Retrosheet newsletters (1994-2002) for line-up card disputes, strange and unusual plays, and other quirks that have occurred during the national pastime.


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