8 October, 2010
Volume 15 No. 41
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The Math Forum at NCTM Regional in Baltimore

Free Mentoring Opportunities

Poll Everywhere

Escape from the TextBook! Network


Online PD


Orientation Sessions

Math and Tech Workshops

Praxis II prep:
Moving to Math


Problem Based Learning Courses

Graduate Credit:
Mathematics Teaching and Learning Certificate

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The Math Forum at NCTM Regional in Baltimore


Coming to Baltimore for the NCTM Regional Conference, October 14-15? Stop in to visit Anie and Suzanne of the Math Forum, Thursday from 1-3 pm at the NCSM booth where they will be volunteering.

Annie and Suzanne are also each leading a session:

Problem Solving and Technology Implementation in an Inclusion Classroom (session 32)
    led by Annie Fetter
    Thursday, October 14, 9:30-10:30 am
    room 321
Learn how a middle school math teacher and a math coach create a problem-solving environment in classrooms that include English language learners and special-education students. Annnie will show you how to use Sketchpad®, applets, and other technology that can help turn students into problem solvers.

Developing Leadership in the Use of Problem-Solving Strategies and Technology (session 125)
    led by Suzanne Alejandre
    Friday, October 15, 8-9 am
    room 330
Examine a model of professional development from the Math Forum and learn more about technology resources and support that enable teachers to become leaders in this community.

Can't make it to the NCTM Regional? You can find more ideas and share in a dedicated community through our online PD courses this fall:


Free Mentoring Opportunities


Mentor groups from Oregon, Utah, Minnesota, and Missouri will provide feedback to students who submit to these problems (with opening dates):

  • FunPoW: October 18
  • PreAlgPoW: October 11, October 25
  • AlgPoW: October 18

Please have your students submit solutions. If they receive replies from a mentor, we hope you'll encourage them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but the mentors will learn as well!

Trial Class Account


Free 21-day access to Current Problems of the Week and the Problems of the Week Library.

Poll Everywhere


Poll Everywhere offers the opportunity to use your students' texting abilities in the classroom. Set up a poll online; students text their responses to the number you give them; and you can watch returns in real time. Results may be analyzed or published to the web, and are saved in an archival file. The service is free up to a total of 30 responders; beyond that, small increases are available for a small fee, up to school or district-wide plans.

For more on use of Poll Everywhere as a Classroom Response System (CRS), see this page:


Consider exploring statistics or percentages during the upcoming election season.

Escape from the TextBook! Network


Henri Picciotto introduces a sharing and collaboration network for math teachers, focused on off-book activities. He writes, "Freeing ourselves from the constraints of set-in-stone curricula allows us to better respond to the realities of our classrooms, to better tackle situations such as heterogeneous classes, and to better implement cooperative and hands-on learning models."

So far, the network consists of in-person quarterly meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and an online discussion space. Additionally, an Escape from the Textbook! conference is planned for February 12, 2011 in San Francisco.


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