5 November, 2010
Volume 15 No. 45
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Math Bugs Me!

Mathematics Enrichment Posters

TeX the World

Thank You, Melissa


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Math Bugs Me!


These cheerful, illustrated introductions to middle school math concepts come from Santa Ana (CA) teacher Sherry Skipper-Spurgeon's 6th and 7th grade classes.

Learn about

  • Basic Geometry Terms
  • Eek! Percents
  • Easy-peasy! Slope & y-intercept
  • It Matters: Order of Operations
  • Who Is Average anyway?

... and much more.

Thanks to Skipper-Spurgeon for letting us know about her MathBugsMe.com site through TODOS: Mathematics for ALL.

Alert: free online seminar with Tom O'Brien tomorrow


Mathematics Enrichment Posters


This monthly line-up lists NRICH math challenges available as large-type, one-page downloadable posters.

Recent and upcoming puzzles include

Hidden Dimensions
Can you find examples where this rectangle's area is numerically less than its perimeter?
Stone-Age Counting
Could these drawings from Spain's La Pileta cave represent counting?
Reflecting Squarely
How many ways can you fit all three pieces together to make shapes with line symmetry?
Is there a temperature at which Celsius and Fahrenheit readings are the same?
Curved Square
What is the exact area of the shaded region?

Each poster links to teachers' notes, hints, solutions, and similar problems.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"You don't even have to do the division. You just need to think."
- Rebecca A, highlighted in the Algebra PoW's Latest Solution

TeX the World


Avital Oliver's add-on to the Firefox browser takes TeX typesetting on any website and renders it as an image. TeX the World runs every 3 seconds on interactive websites, so it marks up chat sessions as well as HTML-enabled webmail, embedding symbols on the fly directly into correspondence.

Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"Here's a site with some fun graphics that my students thought were cool. In particular, take a look at the graphic of 'Facebook Breakups.'"
- Corey Null, posted to the AP-Statistics listserv

Thank You, Melissa

With this issue, the Math Forum Internet News bids farewell to editor Melissa Running. Since November 2008, Melissa has tirelessly tracked drafts, juggled schedules urgent and long-term, brought good cheer to contributors — and still combed over every punctuation mark to make this weekly publication a rich read enjoyed today by over 4,700 subscribers.

Thank you, Melissa, for your many months of steady-handed editorship!


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