24 December, 2010
Volume 15 No. 52
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Wishing this holiday season that you could view the entire Library of archived PoWs? Act now and save $30 when you upgrade from a Teacher Membership to a Class Account.

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PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"All it just took was some thinking. First, to make this problem easier...."
- Michael V and Daniel N, highlighted in the Geometry PoW's Latest Solution

2011 Mathematics Game


The year game puzzle is back to challenge students in grades 3-12 to write expressions for each of the counting numbers 1 through 100, using the digits in the year 2011, standard operations, and grouping symbols.

Students may start submitting solutions January 1, 2011; revisit the site after February 1, 2011, to see the first solutions.

Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"Rusin's list contained 74 total combinations. There are total 43 interesting combinations which are non-trivial and non obvious. I have solved 42 of them, one case is still unsolved."
- Sujeet K, posted to the geometry.puzzles discussion

Graph Pro Basketball Statistics


Name a pro basketball player or pick his team (NBA or ABA), and see bar graphs charting

  • points per game
  • rebounds per game
  • assists per game
  • steals per game
  • blocks per game
  • turnovers per game
  • field goal percentage
  • free throw percentage
  • 3-point percentage

Paul Trow's site also lets you analyze the same hoops data with histograms, slicing statistics into bins, or intervals of numbers:


Other interactive web pages by Trow perform modular arithmetic, including square roots; and model the trajectory of a cannonball for different muzzle velocities and angles of elevation, and see the projectile's flight path plotted over time:



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