23 September, 2011
Volume 16 No. 38
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New Current Problem of the Week: Primary PoWs

"What Math Means to Me" Art Contest

AMS Mathematical Moments


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New Current Problem of the Week: Primary PoWs

Thanks in part to feedback on our online summer survey and a bump in interest from teachers calling in, we've decided to roll out a fifth current Problem of the Week service!

Until we finish re-coding our software to make the Primary PoW visible everywhere, please find it on the calendar, alongside the schedule for our four other services:


And while your students cannot submit their solutions and explanations quite yet, we invite all PoW members to check out the current Primary PoW, complete with Teacher Packet and other downloadable support materials:


This launch also means that, by the end of the 2011-2012 school year, current PoW members will enjoy access to a grand total of 100 PoWs — all still for only $25:


Not yet a member? Register a free trial account:


Or just download free samples of PoWs:


PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"By the end of this activity, students were using math vocabulary and I could tell they were really thinking about the problem. I can already see that they are using more specific vocabulary during math class in general! They are also starting to apply the 'I notice, I wonder' strategy in other areas, even with reading!"
- Kimberly, sharing her thoughts on teaching suggestions in the Primary PoW Teacher Packet

"What Math Means to Me" Art Contest


Put your students' artwork on the cover of McGraw-Hill's latest math program, and your class could win nearly $15,000 in classroom resources — including a Math Forum Problems of the Week class account!

Designed to meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), this new, completely consumable program provides lessons in a colorful format. Each student directly interacts with My Math text in multiple ways throughout the learning cycle. Personalized vocabulary, student created examples, online games, and downloadable apps move students from learning abstract concepts to concepts they can apply. My Math Digital Tools lets teachers customize the content, allowing you to plan, sequence, and deliver your instruction in ways that match how you teach.

To learn more about this new K-5 curriculum — and inspire the artwork that your students might put on its cover — visit


The "What Math Means to Me" Art Contest ends Saturday, October 29.

Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"My current issue is trying to determine whether two polygons intersect when both polygons are convex and made out of lines and bezier curves. Does anyone have some clues on which formulas I should be looking into?"
- sebs, posted to the geometry.research discussion

AMS Mathematical Moments


The American Mathematical Society now boasts over 90 Mathematical Moments. Each free PDF sheet describes how mathematics helps solve a problem in science, nature, technology, or human culture.

The latest Mathematical Moments include

  • designing tsunami warning systems
  • showing that a snowboarding jump was possible
  • making sure that supplies can be delivered during a disaster
  • winning the Jeopardy! Challenge

The web portal also offers podcast interviews with experts in these applied mathematical topics, some of which are translated into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian.


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