23 December, 2011
Volume 16 No. 51
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Effective Teaching with the Math Forum's Problems of the Week

eInstruction Contest Winners

WhySlopes.com Updated


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Effective Teaching with the Math Forum's Problems of the Week


The Math Forum has developed best practices in supporting mathematical thinking and communication exhibited by students participating in the Problems of the Week (PoW), based on mentoring thousands of students' problem-solving and carefully researching what helped students reflect, revise, and learn.

This trio of six week-long courses begins in January and February:

  • PoW Class Membership: Resources & Strategies for Effective Implementation
  • Learning from Student Work: Make the Most of Your PoW Membership
  • Mentor Your Own: Supporting Strong Development of Mathematical Practices

We've designed these as a three-course sequence, so we encourage PoW members who have already taken the "PoW Class Membership" course to enroll in "Learning from Student Work"; and those who have completed "Learning from Student Work" to register for "Mentor Your Own."

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"I also learned to use the rubric to see if I am doing things right."
- Twenty, highlighted in the FunPoW's Latest Solution

eInstruction Contest Winners


The winners of the 5th Annual eInstruction Classroom Makeover Video Contest have been announced. Come check out the winning videos!

Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"Construct the lines passing through the centroid parallel to each of the three sides of ABC. The six points of intersection between those lines and the sides of ABC trisect the the sides of ABC. The trisection points and the centroid determine nine congruent triangles similar to ABC. That is so regardless of the size of ABC's angles."
- Steve, posted to the geometry.puzzles discussion

WhySlopes.com Updated


Alan Selby recently posted a five phase framework for mathematics skill development at his site.

The essay "Which Way to Go" introduces it in plain language:



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