4 March, 2011
Volume 16 No. 9
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Math Forum Handouts from T³ San Antonio

Pi Day: Monday, March 14th

Problems of the Week: Getting Started


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Math Forum Handouts from T³ San Antonio


Did you miss us in the booth area or during our session at the recent T³ International conference in San Antonio? Want copies of our handouts? Feel free to access the printed matter distributed during the conference, including information on our Professional Development program and samples from our Problems of the Week program.

For more information on our sessions or the conference in general, see


PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"Many students received feedback on their work thanks to our mentor group this week. I know that at least one student took full advantage of the feedback that was given to her - Kathryn revised her answer not once but twice, incorporating suggestions from her mentor."
- Annie, commenting on the FunPoW's Latest Solution

Pi Day: Monday, March 14th


Celebrate Pi Day in your math class Monday, March 14th! Check out the Forum's Teacher2Teacher FAQ for Problems of the Week, Ask Dr. Math conversations, book suggestions, and other web resources on the theme.

The Mathematical Association of America has put out its annual call for pi-related photos:


See the MAA's gallery of snapshots from last year, also on Facebook:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"It makes a nice conceptual link, but the approximation is really not very good. So it's a case of making a choice for pedagogical reasons that is really not an optimal choice in real life...."
- Bob, posted to the ap-stat discussion

Problems of the Week: Getting Started


Beginning March 17th, the Math Forum starts another free week-long orientation session designed to help you start using your Problems of the Week membership. You can participate at any membership level, including a Trial Account.

Each self-paced session includes activities to help you learn about the different features of our Problems of the Week service, such as:

  • Current Problems
  • Getting Students Started
  • Problems of the Week Library
  • Write Math with the Math Forum
  • Student Accounts
  • Discussions
  • What's Next?

Each activity will be followed with discussion prompts to encourage you to ask questions and/or discuss those features.

Register for the March 17 - 24 session now! Registration closes at 5:00 pm (Eastern time) on Monday, March 14th.


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