20 April, 2012
Volume 17 No. 16
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Grants, Scholarships, and Awards

Summer Workshops for Math Teachers

Whyslopes.Com Updated


Online PD

Orientation Sessions

Problem Based Learning Courses

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Mathematics Teaching and Learning Certificate

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Grants, Scholarships, and Awards


Apply now for these grants, scholarships, and awards from the Mathematics Education Trust (MET):

  • PreK-8 Preservice Teacher Action Research Grants
  • Professional Development Scholarship Emphasizing the History of Mathematics
  • Program of Mathematics Study & Active Professionalism Grants
  • Prospective Middle School Mathematics Teacher Course Work Scholarships
  • Prospective 7-12 Secondary Teacher Course Work Scholarships
  • School In-Service Training Grants

Established 36 years ago by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), MET channels the generosity of contributors through the creation and funding of grants, awards, honors, and other projects that support the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning.

The deadline to apply for the opportunities listed above is Friday, 4 May.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"It was neat to see all the different ways that people thought about this problem, and all the successful solutions. Congratulations to the nine students whose work is shown here. Well done!"
- Riz, commenting on the FunPoW's Latest Solution

Summer Workshops for Math Teachers


The Center for Innovative Teaching has announced its summer weekend workshops. Taking place at the Urban School of San Francisco and at Chapin School, in New York, math offerings include

  • Hands-On Geometry: Kinesthetic, hands-on, and electronic activities to make geometry more accessible, deeper, and more fun
  • Visual Algebra: Visual, manipulative, and technological approaches to increase access, challenge, and variety
  • Reimagining High School Mathematics: Rethinking pedagogy, learning tools, curriculum, and assessment in the context of one's actual students, consistent with one's school values and mission

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Now taking place: math education conversation of the hour

"I was wondering if any schools out there make an effort to prevent students from using notes or programs added to their calculators. Do any of you have a process in place, or do you simply warn the kids not to cheat and assume they are not cheating?"
- Rolf, posted to the ap-stat discussion

Whyslopes.Com Updated


Alan Selby has added a new section to his site, entitled "Secondary Mathematics for Ages 11+, a Practical Approach."

"Secondary Mathematics" provides a coherent guide to technical innovations that simplify the learning and teaching of arithmetic and number theory practices, elementary and advanced algebra, elementary and advanced geometry. The new section ends with two calculus previews with a description of a light calculus course, more descriptive than deductive, aimed at introducing the key ideas in differential and integral calculus. The appendix "Calculus with Proofs for the Keen or Gifted" describes how to reform calculus.

To better reflect his site's extent and intent, Selby has also re-christened his site — originally called "Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason," and now "Logic and Mathematics Skill & Concept Development."


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