26 July, 2013
Volume 18 No. 30
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Park City Mathematics Institute, Summer 2013

Open Online K-12 Courses

TI-84+ Tutorials


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Park City Mathematics Institute, Summer 2013


The 2013 Summer Session of the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) wrapped up in Utah last week. More than sixty teachers from around the US and world participated in PCMI's three week-long Secondary School Teachers Program (SSTP), which consisted of three strands:

  • Math Course: Probability, Randomization, and Polynomials
  • Reflecting on Practice: Making Tasks Count
  • Working Groups that focused on an activity related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics or to related state standards

For their problem sets, activities, reflections, handouts, and many other classroom resources, visit the Class Notes page:


Having hosted the SSTP working sites since 2001, the Math Forum maintains an index of all its classroom resources here:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"'I did actually write a book about that.' Powerful Problem Solving. Check out the blushing."
- Jessica, tweeted to @maxmathforum

Open Online K-12 Courses


Last week, the Saylor Foundation launched a program of free math courses in geometry, advanced calculus, and advanced statistics — each fully aligned to the CCSS — with Algebra I partially developed and 6th and 7th grade math courses rolling out next.

This recent beta release incorporates open educational resources (OER) such as John Page's Math Open Reference and Sal Khan's Khan Academy, both previously featured in these pages. Between these OERs and the foundation's decision to make even the course frameworks and instructions openly available under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, anyone can use them as-is — or reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute them as desired.

"Committed to developing and advancing inventive and effective ways of harnessing technology in order to drive the cost of education down to zero," the Saylor Foundation also offers an elective for educators building K-12 subject courses aligned with the CCSS:


These K-12 courses join the Saylor Foundation's university-level mathematics courses. They range in topic from mathematical reasoning to complex analysis to econometrics, with Beginning Algebra, Calculus I, and Single-Variable Calculus I the most popular.


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"Did not know this. Never thought to question it either. You folks are fun in a nerdy kind of way. ;-)"
- Jeremy, tweeted to @mathforum

TI-84+ Tutorials


A new book introducing the TI-84+ graphing calculator came out two days ago — and through Monday, 29 July, you can download it at no cost.

Without assuming any prior knowledge about graphing calculators, The TI-84+ for Beginners provides step-by-step directions and detailed explanations of button presses and screen captures as it covers topics such as how to

  • use fractions
  • change modes
  • perform trigonometric calculations
  • use tables
  • perform basic statistics calculations
  • use apps
  • solve equations, polar equations, and parametric equations

We first featured author and teacher Lucas Allen's techpoweredmath.com site shortly after the math team that he coaches topped those from all other public high schools in an annual contest run by the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. With his team's most recent performance extending the streak to four straight years, the class of 2013 graduated from Morton High School having never lost to another public school in the state-wide competition.

Allen has published this book on Amazon in Kindle format, making it accessible on any iPad, iPhone, Android device, Mac, or PC running the free Kindle app. He asks readers just one favor: please write a review on Amazon!



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