4 April, 2014
Volume 19 No. 14
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Meet the Math Forum Staff: NCSM Booth 313, NCTM Booth 1711

Math Awareness Month

Math Warriors' Kickstarter


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Problem Based Learning Courses

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Meet the Math Forum Staff: NCSM Booth 313, NCTM Booth 1711


Come meet the people behind the Math Forum at the annual conference of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) or the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Swing by NCSM booth 313 or NCTM booth 1711 in New Orleans and talk to

  • Max about his book, Powerful Problem Solving
  • Suzanne about how to Unsilence Students' Voices
  • Steve about the significance of Concept, Method, Procedure
  • Annie about how "I Notice, I Wonder"™ engages all students

While there, enter our drawings for chances to win

  • a new iPad mini
  • a Current Problems of the Week Membership
  • an autographed copy of Powerful Problem Solving
  • a Problems of the Week Prize Package

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"Krupa discovered the famous Triangle Inequality. After that she was able to set up inequalities and use algebra to simplify them, and then do another tricky step of interpreting what those inequalities actually meant for x. I really appreciated that she tested some different points in her range to be confident...."
- Max, commenting on the Algebra PoW's Latest Solution

Math Awareness Month


It's April — which means it's Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM)!

This year's theme is "Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery." Each day this month, the mathaware.org website will reveal a new box on a 5 × 6 calendar grid, linking to videos of mysterious or magical effects such as card tricks and

  • Magic Squares
  • Area Puzzles
  • Ambigrams
  • Crop Circles

Explanations of "The Underlying Mathematics" and "Taking It Further" supplement every clip.

The theme of MAM 2014 echoes the title of a 1956 book by renowned math popularizer Martin Gardner, whose extensive writings introduced the public to hexaflexagons, polyominoes, John Conway's "Game of Life," Penrose tiles, the Mandelbrot set, and much more. MAM's theme essay concludes: "Gardner had an influential column in Scientific American called 'Mathematical Games,' which delighted both amateur and professional mathematicians for more than a quarter century. It is particularly fitting to celebrate the centennial of his birth with MAM activities that engage a new generation, leading people to their own magical and mysterious Aha! moments."

Unfamiliar with "the best friend mathematics ever had"? Check out this issue of The College Mathematics Journal devoted to Gardner:


MAM is sponsored each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, a collaborative effort of the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

For digital and print versions of the MAM 2014 poster, see


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"Guess what lines and surfaces are represented on this surface of revolution plastic model...."
- Narasimham, posted to the geometry.puzzles discussion

Math Warriors' Kickstarter


The comedic webseries featured here last year during its second successful Kickstarter campaign now seeks your support entering its fifth season of "love, betrayal.... calculus."

Tuesday's premier of Math Warriors Season 5 featured skateboard-yoyo-ing mishaps and fashionistas exponentially lowering the IQ of one member of the fictional college math team amid turmoil elsewhere on the team, on the college campus — and in prison:


Donations (of prime number dollar amounts) help the staff cover the costs of editing, color correction, music composition, audio mixing, and other post-production needs. In appreciation, Math Warriors offers "fun funky functional goodies," such as an official Funky Functions t-shirt, a walk-on role in Season 6, and opportunities to create a recurring role and to select a math quote to appear at the end of an episode.

Hurry — the Math Warriors' fundraiser wraps up Friday, 11 April.


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