2 May, 2014
Volume 19 No. 18
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Statistics Workshop

Symmetry by Nautilus

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Statistics Workshop


This summer's American Statistical Association (ASA) "meeting within a meeting" (MWM) has new sponsorship — and for middle and high school teachers who act fast, it may reimburse you half the registration fee of the workshop.

Attend MWM to strengthen your understanding of statistics, and walk away with hands-on activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to use in your classrooms. The ASA will hold MWM in conjunction with the 2014 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), taking place in Boston the first week of August.

New this year: half the workshop fee will be reimbursed for the first forty teachers who register and participate. Just click the "MWM Registration" tab to request information about a sponsorship, available on a first come, first served basis.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"When we wrote this problem, we were hoping that students and teachers would find many different ways to approach it. Our hope certainly came true. Some of you made tables and lists. Some used multiplication and others division. Some broke the problem into smaller problems. And for some of you, our timing was perfect...."
- Annie, commenting on the FunPoW's Latest Solution

Symmetry by Nautilus


Yesterday, a monthly dedicated "to science and its endless connections to our lives" released its fourteenth issue — and it's devoted to symmetry.

Each issue of Nautilus comes out in weekly chapters — of essays, investigative reports, blogs, fiction writing, games, videos, graphic stories, and other original content — that combine the sciences, culture, and philosophy. The first installment of the May issue already includes two "Numbers" essays: "Math Shall Set You Free — From Envy," by a writer whose work has appeared in recent volumes of The Best Writing on Mathematics; and "Impossible Cookware and Other Triumphs of the Penrose Tile," by a journalist currently working on a book about the relationship between pure mathematics and the natural world.

For subsequent chapters on symmetry, check back every Thursday this month at nautil.us, which won the last Webby Award in the category of science websites. Until then, catch up on past Nautilus features, which have covered

  • the mythology of the golden ratio (from Issue 0: "The Story of Nautilus")
  • Benoît Mandelbrot, with an online multiple choice test called Benoît's Body Fractal Quiz (also from Issue 0)
  • the traveling salesman problem (from Issue 3: "In Transit — The elements of motion")
  • Andrei Kolmogorov as the inventor of modern probability (from Issue 4: "The Unlikely — Chasing the odds")
  • Yitang "Tom" Zhang, the mathematician who last year made a breakthrough on the centuries-old twin prime conjecture (from Issue 5: "Fame — The evolution of celebrity")

Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"This moment of clarity thanks to conversations with @maxmathforum @mpershan & @j_lanier — yesterday was a banner day. :-)"
- Malke, tweeted to @maxmathforum

The Global Math Department Newsletter


On Monday, a community of math teachers announced the launch of its weekly newsletter.

The inaugural issue of the Global Math Department Newsletter collected blogging action and resources from around the MathTwitterBlogosphere (MTBoS):

  • free time in high school math classes
  • 5 research findings teachers should know
  • what makes a math department great?
  • what's wrong with accelerated math programs?
  • the Grant Wiggins challenge


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