27 June, 2014
Volume 19 No. 26
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Brandenburg's Recommended Math Books

Toshiba America Foundation Grants

Summer Fermi Math League


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Brandenburg's Recommended Math Books


Looking for some good summer reading? Check out Brandenburg's book list, organized into math and science sub-topics, and annotated with capsule reviews and reading level ratings.

Guy Brandenburg used to assign his 8th and 9th grade algebra and geometry students to read two of these books each year, and then write reports on them.

Familiar to students of the Math Forum's Ask Dr. Math service as "Doctor Guy," Brandenburg recently retired from over 30 years of teaching math in the public schools of Washington, DC.

Toshiba America Foundation Grants


The Toshiba America Foundation is currently accepting applications for grants of more than $5,000 that make mathematics more engaging for your students in grades 6-12.

See the Toshiba America Foundation site for past recipients, teacher resources, and more — and apply before the deadline of Friday, 1 August!

Summer Fermi Math League


Do you like to measure, estimate, and play around with technology? Then join the Fermi Off-the-Wall Math League!

This Internet-based math competition welcomes students in grades 1-9 from around the world who seek enrichment, small group work, and creative, technology-rich experiences.

A Fermi question is posed with limited information given. For example,

  • How many water balloons would it take to fill grandma's bathtub?
  • How many cockroaches will fill the trunk of a VW Beetle?
  • How much fabric would it take to make a camo-suit for Moby Dick?
  • How many eggs would fit in the Trojan Horse's body?

Fermi questions require that students ask many more questions; emphasize process rather than "the" answer; demand communication and writing; and utilize estimation, rounding numbers and guesses.

The four-week Summer '14 season starts Tuesday, 8 July.


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