11 July, 2014
Volume 19 No. 28
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Mathematical Reasoning with NRICH

Sproglit Offers Its Counting Apps Free

BaseballSavant.com's Instant Replay Database


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Mathematical Reasoning with NRICH


What does mathematical reasoning look like? NRICH Maths' latest primary feature offers new ideas, and resources, to address the question.

The UK team have annotated tasks with fresh motivations, key questions, approaches, and extensions. As a result, problems such as Eggs in Baskets, Coded Hundred Square, and Amy's Dominoes afford young learners opportunities to reason for different purposes and in different ways.

For an overview, start with NRICH's July article "Mathematical Reasoning — Moving Beyond 'because ...'":


NRICH Maths has appeared regularly in these pages the past 15 years. Currently supported by generous donations and grants from Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University Press, Citi Foundation, Templeton World Charity Foundation, and Winton Foundation, NRICH Maths invites primary students from around the world to freely submit their solutions to these four "live" problems:


Sproglit Offers Its Counting Apps Free


To honor the meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) that began in San Diego yesterday, an educational game-maker is offering free downloads of its iPad apps:


Sproglit's "Kyle Counts" and "Kira Counting Game" cultivate children's intuition of the relationships among counting numbers by departing from the standard number line. Instead, the games draw on Sproglit's "Math Arrow," which represents counting numbers in colored shapes and aligns them in zigzag fashion. The visually rich arrangement provides many cues about arithmetic properties such as divisibility.

To learn more about the Math Arrow, including reviews ranging from eSchoolnews to The Economist to Teachers College, Columbia University, see


BaseballSavant.com's Instant Replay Database


The All-Star Game traditionally marks the halfway point in the Major League Baseball (MLB) season. But next Tuesday's 85th Midsummer Classic presses pause in MLB's first season with manager challenges and expanded instant replay.

More than 700 plays have already come under review, resulting in everything from the first ever walk-off replay to a triple play. BaseballSavant.com — a site that provides daily feeds and advanced statistics of player matchups — slices, dices, and charts the wealth of new data.

To generate custom pie charts with its MLB Instant Replay Database, just click the pull-down menus to select a team, game date, or type of challenge, such as

  • fair or foul in outfield
  • fan interference
  • force play
  • grounds rule
  • hit by pitch
  • home run
  • home-plate collision
  • passing runners
  • stadium boundary call
  • tag play
  • timing play
  • touching a base
  • trap play

BaseballSavant.com also lets you search the PITCHf/x database of MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), which churns out statistics and graphs that break down every big league pitch since 2008 according to its trajectory, velocity, break, horizontal and vertical release points, location in the strike zone, and much more, all cross-referenced against at-bat details and other game situations:


More applications from BaseballSavant.com include

  • Spray Chart Compare
  • Player Matchups
  • Umpire Stats
  • Historical Scouting Reports
  • Batting Order Stats
  • Salary Breakdown
  • Interactive Schedule Map


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