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Volume 2, Number 10

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 10 March 1997                                 Vol. 2, No. 10


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Math puzzles for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7+. You don't need
to be a math whiz to solve them, just patience and a
different way of looking at things.

New puzzles and the answers to the previous week's puzzles
are posted each Thursday. Helpful hints and an archive of
past puzzles are included.

       Hosted by the Houghton Mifflin Math Center


                    A TOUR OF FRACTIONS
                - compiled by Mara Landers

The Web often seems more like a maze than an organized set of
resources. To help you find the classroom materials you need, 
the Math Forum plans a series of 'tours' of specific subjects 
that we hope will be useful to K-12 teachers at all levels.

            We begin with a TOUR OF FRACTIONS:

We've pulled together materials from various sources and made
a coherent set of easy-to-navigate Web pages. There are lesson 
plans, questions and answers from the Dr. Math archives, 
software suggestions, and resources for students.

      Please send requests for another such tour to:

              the Math Forum Internet Newsletter editors


              - compiled by Emma Stellman

The Math Forum is hosting an active Web-based conversation
on Collaborative Learning, sparked by discussions around
Ted Panitz' postings to amte and nctm-l (now known as

According to Panitz, Collaborative learning (CL) is a
personal philosophy, not just a classroom technique.
It suggests a way of dealing with people in groups that
respects and highlights individual group members' abilities
and contributions, while promoting a sharing of authority
and acceptance of responsibility for group actions. It is
based on consensus-building through cooperation, rather
than competition. Practitioners of CL apply this philosophy
in the classroom, at committee meetings, with community
groups, within their families, and generally as a way of
living with and dealing with other people.

We invite you to read the discussion and post your own
messages in response.


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