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Volume 2, Number 11

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 17 March 1997                                 Vol. 2, No. 11


 MathView | Math Awareness Week: Vermont | Ask Dr. Math FAQ


Waterloo Maple's MathView offers a new, interactive way
of exploring and exchanging mathematical ideas. It's a
browser plug-in that lets you edit and manipulate
algebraic expressions, and animate and rotate graphs
embedded in Web pages.

(This is a new product and has some rough edges. It is
better used for display or by experienced mathematicians
than by students for exploration.)

In the "Exploring Mathematics" section of the Cyberview
site you can apply interpolating curves to the design of
a mini-van, calculate the voltages in an AC circuit, or
study projectile motion.You'll find subjects at the
high school, college, and graduate levels, including:

 - Algebra       - Complex Numbers  - Fourier Analysis
 - Geometry      - Fractals         - Graphics Gallery
 - Statistics    - Linear Algebra   - Integration
 - Trigonometry  - Optimization     - Modeling
 - Vectors       - Polyhedra        - Solving Equations

The site features a VRML Gallery of 3D images and the Maple
code used to create them. You can also order the MathView
algebra and graphing program to publish math live on the


                    20-26 April 1997

      This year's theme: Mathematics and the Internet

   Many institutions have made Web pages to publicize their
   upcoming MAW events. A growing list can be found at:

   Read about activities in store at the University of
   Vermont, including a poster contest for grades K-8,
   a math question call-in radio show, and a series of
   presentations by visiting lecturers.

   How is your institution celebrating Math Awareness Week?
   Do you have an MAW web page we should list?  Fill out
   this form and let us know:

       Questions and comments about MAW may be sent to


                 ASK DR. MATH GETS A FAQ

               What is an imaginary number?
            What is Pascal's Triangle good for?
       Please tell me something about the Golden Ratio.

   Answers to these and other 'frequently asked questions'
   are provided in our new Dr. Math FAQ:

   We've recently added stars to highlight interesting
   answers and good places to start reading in our
   Ask Dr. Math archives.



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