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Volume 2, Number 13

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 31 March 1997                                 Vol. 2, No. 13


Math and the WWW | World of Escher | Tessellation Tutorials
    UFE "Teaching Undergrad Geometry" Applications Lost


Math Forum Director Gene Klotz has assembled a hypertext
document outlining his views of the effect of the World
Wide Web on mathematics and math education. Although this 
"paper" will be the basis for a talk to be given to college 
mathematicians, it is written for a general audience. 

Gene's goals:

  - to give novices a good overview of the WWW and math;
  - to fill in gaps in the knowledge of more advanced users;
  - to examine where we appear to be going.

He offers controversial conclusions and imagines wonderful
and horrible possibilities, along with strategies for seizing
opportunities and avoiding pitfalls.

A form of this paper will be presented at the spring
meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware section
of the MAA.


                  WORLD OF ESCHER, INC.


  M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was the famous Dutch graphic
  artist most recognized for spatial illusions,
  impossible buildings, repeating geometric patterns
  (tessellations), and masterful techniques in
  woodcutting and lithography.

  What you notice at first glance is not all there is
  to see in Escher's work; his mathematically complex
  structures and spatial perspectives almost always
  require a second look.

  This site also offers ideas and readings about Professor
  Roger Penrose and his mathematically based puzzles.



A series of tutorials for learning how to tessellate
(somewhat in the style of M.C. Escher) using HyperCard or
HyperStudio, ClarisWorks, LogoWriter, templates, or simple
straightedge and compass.

These lessons include student work, units incorporating
rotations and glide reflections, definitions, a discussion
of symmetry (see "Where's the Math"), historical and
geographical connections, and comments from people who have
enjoyed using them. The tutorials provide ways to integrate
art and math in the classroom, and offer imaginative entry
points for writing across the curriculum.

Recent contributions from Betsy Bruns' 5th grade class at
Hoffman School in Glenview, Illinois, and Maureen Grant's
8th graders at Northview Middle School in Indianapolis,
Indiana, are featured in the Math Forum's Student Showcase.
Tessellations by Suzanne Alejandre's own students at Frisbie
Middle School in Rialto, California are accompanied by
students' written comments on what they learned.

This Web unit has been featured as one of the Eisenhower
National Clearinghouse's DIGITAL DOZEN.




MARCH 1, 1997 to the NSF-sponsored UFE workshop on Teaching
Undergraduate Geometry to be held at Cornell University,
June 9-14, 1997, HAVE BEEN LOST. This workshop is intended
for college and university faculty who teach (or soon will
teach) an undergraduate geometry course such as the courses
typically attended by future or inservice teachers. For more
information and an application form, visit their website or
write to The DEADLINE for applications
has been extended until APRIL 15.


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