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Volume 2, Number 16

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  21 April 1997                               Vol. 2, No. 16



S.O.S. Math | Symmetries & Wallpaper Patterns | MAW Outreach


The website of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at
The University of Texas at El Paso offers resources to help
students do homework, prepare for a test, or get ready
for class. Others might like to use its pages to practice 
their math skills.

The material presented reviews the most important results,
techniques and formulas in college and pre-college
mathematics. The learning units are presented in worksheet
format and require students' active participation.

Extensive reviews cover Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus,
Differential Equations, Complex Variables, and Matrices.

              Don't miss this outstanding site!



    Two Math Forum April Hot Spot Web units from the 
    Geometry Center based on notes by Chaim Goodman-Strauss, 
    revised and edited by Heidi Burgiel:

"Pattern and symmetry are as ancient as rhythm and language,
and appear in virtually every human culture." This first
group of Web pages presents symmetries called isometries,
which preserve distances. The unit defines various
transformations and isometries and offers exercises 
that make use of the Geometer's Sketchpad and KaleidoTile.

The wallpaper unit studies plane patterns whose symmetries
are translations, glide reflections, and rotations. Students
learn to use Kali, a computer program that generates plane
patterns. Supplemental materials include "Names for features
of symmetrical patterns" from GEOMETRY AND THE IMAGINATION,
a two-week summer workshop led by John Conway, Peter Doyle,
Jane Gilman, and Bill Thurston at the Geometry Center in
Minneapolis, Minnesota in June 1991.


      THIS IS MATH AWARENESS WEEK!  20-26 April 1997


The 1997 theme of Math Awareness Week is MATHEMATICS AND THE
INTERNET. Mathematics is the language of Internet operation,
from the binary numbers that describe text and images to the
complex data structures of search engines for the World Wide
Web. Ideas from fields like number theory have led to such
key Internet technologies as data encryption for secure
financial transactions and data compression for audio and
video. At the same time, the Internet has given birth to
world-wide collaborations among mathematics teachers and
researchers, collaborations that are advancing both
kindergarten through undergraduate education and our
understanding of some of the most difficult problems in pure
and applied mathematics.

Institutions across America and beyond are celebrating
Math Awareness Week (MAW) right now!  All this week,
invited lecturers will speak, posters will receive awards,
math call-in radio shows will be on the air, and students
everywhere will gain a better appreciation of math.

Read about a variety of MAW outreach activities on the Web:


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