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Volume 2, Number 25

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 23 June 1997                                 Vol. 2, No. 25


   CEC | Workshop Announcements | Mathed Reform & TIMSS



The Columbia Education Center designs and conducts teacher 
training, curriculum development, dissemination, and 
networking projects, with a special focus on:

  - Small-town and rural schools 
  - Gifted and talented youth 
  - Science, mathematics, and technology 
  - Women and the physically handicapped 
  - International/intercultural education 
  - Constitutional studies 

On its site the CEC offers over 600 lesson plans created 
by teachers for use in their own classrooms, organized by 
area (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, 
Miscellaneous) and level (K-5, 6-8, 9-12).




The Forum now hosts a growing collection of math and math 
education workshop announcements.


   * Browse listings appropriate to the level you
     teach, from elementary to graduate school.

   * Search our collection by entering keywords and 
     choosing the location, topic, date, and level.


   * Fill out the announcement submission form to include
     your event among those listed.



A vigorous discussion of mathematics reform that touches on 
classroom "perversions of the Standards," "misinterpretations 
of constructivism," and the Third International Mathematics 
and Science Study (TIMSS), and includes many print and Web 


"...I get back some really chilling tales from my student 
 teachers. For instance, one of them told me that at the 
 high school where she did her student teaching, there was 
 one teacher who said that she was a big supporter of the 
 NCTM Standards, and that she used cooperative learning 
 extensively in her classroom. What my student came to 
 find out was that 'cooperative' learning consisted of the 
 following: students read the book and work (cooperatively) 
 on the problems, and the teacher reads the newspaper at 
 her desk." - Mark Snyder

"The problems you bring forth are real, but hardly new. 
 And they have nothing to do with reform... I had enough 
 good teachers who... inspired me to want to know more. 
 And I see that same sort of teacher in the schools I visit 
 today - teachers who care about kids and love mathematics. 
 The 'scary stories' may be fun, but there are lots of 
 teachers who are working hard to do the best they can 
 for their students." - W. Gary Martin

"For an insightful discussion of remarks from students
 in the context of evaluation of faculty, see"  - Lou Talman


"Regarding the recurrent assertion that: '...constructivism 
 is a theory of learning, not of teaching...' is there a 
 constructivist Greek lurking within the educational walls of 
 Troy that might explain how it is that the gift of a large 
 wooden horse (theory of learning) does not contain a platoon 
 of educators ready with a plan (theory of teaching) to sack 
 the city-state of 'traditional' education?" - Richard W. Wilson

"The last thing we need is a 'belief' or a 'vision' for 
 education. What we need is a plan with quantifiable 
 objectives. My criticism of the NCTM standards is largely 
 that it is a 'vision' with no quantifiable objectives and 
 no plan to meet them." - Charles J. Masenas

"Belief in constructivism does not logically lead to a 
 particular method of teaching. It does suggest that some 
 things which are prevalent in education may be running 
 counter to the way many people learn.... It is an 
 unfortunate mistake to think that teachers or 
 mathematicians can eschew philosophy or that philosophers 
 can ignore mathematics..." - Michael Paul Goldenberg


     For related threads, search math-teach for TIMSS.


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