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Volume 2, Number 26

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 30 June 1997                                 Vol. 2, No. 26


Classroom Compass | 1996-97 GeoPOW Awards | Unit Conversion

                    CLASSROOM COMPASS


Published three times a year by the Southwest Educational
Development Laboratory, Classroom Compass collects ideas,
activities, and resources for teachers interested in
improving instruction in science and mathematics. Each 
issue presents examples of instructional activities that 
illustrate a theme, supported by excerpts from standards-
based publications. Resources accompanying the text include
instructional materials, organizations, reading lists,
funding opportunities, Web sites, and regional contacts.

1994-97 themes and topics:

  - Community resources in math/science education
  - Constructivism in the science and mathematics classroom
  - Cooperative learning and classroom implementation
  - Design/technology in the classroom
  - Science and mathematics for all
  - Theories and findings from cognitive research
  - Working for reform, the teacher as facilitator

  and the focus of the spring 1997 issue, the Third 
  International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS):



The end of May marked the end of the school year for the 
Geometry Problem of the Week. The Forum honors the top 
10 schools and top 100 students who participated from 
September to May:

Top schools, each with more than 30 student participants:

 - Smoky Hill High School, Aurora, Colorado
 - Newport High School, Bellevue, Washington
 - Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington

Top students, each of whom answered more than 30 questions:

 - Justin Lam, Sequoia Middle School
 - Jenny Kaplan, Castilleja School
 - Thomas Kuo, Burroughs High School

Links to the full lists of students and schools will be
found at:



Martindale's "Calculators On-line Center" is the most 
extensive collection we've found of online tools for 
calculation and conversion.

The choices are overwhelming: use an abacus or a slide 
rule online, calculate equivalents for all kinds of 
measurements, evaluate everything from differential 
equations to Delaunay triangulations, or try out over 
130 statistical calculators


Many online calculators require a java-capable browser.
Here's one that doesn't: Entisoft's MEASUREMENT CONVERSION
CALCULATOR will perform over 500 different unit conversions 
for distance, area, volume, mass, speed, temperature, 
pressure, energy, power, force, etc.

You'll find it in the Math Reference section of the 
Dr. Math FAQ:


           Rutgers University, July 14-25, 1997
A few spaces are still available in the K-8 Leadership 
Program in Discrete Mathematics, a two-week residential 
program for elementary and middle school teachers and 
supervisors.  NSF funding pays for room (double occupancy), 
meals, and stipends. If you are interested, act right away: 
for further information and application forms, call Bonnie 
Katz at (732) 445-2825 or check the program's Web site:


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