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Volume 2, Number 3

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20 January 1997                             Vol. 2, No. 3


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Professor Jim Wilson of the Dept. of Mathematics Education,
Univ. of Georgia, uses the Web to explore his interests in
mathematics problem-solving processes, curriculum, teacher
education, use of technology in mathematics teaching and
learning, and the evaluation of math learning. Materials
include course syllabi, essay ideas and sample essays, and
instructional units.

Courses on Computers & Algorithms and Problem Solving in
Mathematics Education include libraries of investigations
created using The Geometer's Sketchpad. Graphically
illustrated math papers explore such topics as:

  - Ratio of areas of two squares
  - Capturing Area and A Solution
  - Curve Building; Orthotravels
  - Tangents Problem
  - Explorations with Heron's Formula
  - Triangle Ratios Problem (Ceva's Theorem)
  - Witch of Agnesi

A small library of GSP lessons with hints on construction
is also available to download or view if your browser is
configured to use Sketchpad as a helper application. The
Forum's Instructions for setting this up can be found at



     "When we think critically we become better learners.
      We don't just accept facts, we explore them,
      uncovering connections and identifying the often
      hidden cause-and-effect relationships."

The Math Forum is featuring a selection of brain teasers from
Michael DiSpezio's new book, Critical Thinking Puzzles. The
book offers a wide variety of old favorites and new challenges
for problem-solvers of any age.

Five puzzles are now available, with solutions:

  - Pyramid Passage
  - Spare My Brain
  - Putting It Together
  - Fractured Farmland
  - Kitchen Cups


                      FROM THE EMAILBAG

    I'm having trouble getting my homework done - are
    there homework sites for maths and social studies?

Hi there. Rather than send you a long list of sites, let me
show you a few places you can look on the Web.

The first is right here at the Math Forum. We have a large
database of links to math and education resources, so by
using our searcher you may find just what you need. Start
from our Internet Resource Collection:


Try the searching and browsing options - you may want to
choose the QUICK SEARCH and use words such as "homework"
(just the word, not the quotes) or the COMPLEX SEARCH to
specify the grade level, math topic, and/or type of resource
you're looking for. (If you have trouble deciding which
searcher to use, read Choosing the Right Searcher.)

Here's an outside site to get you started. It's by student
B.J. Pinchbeck (with a little help from his dad), and it's
a great collection of over 340 sites on the Internet
designed to help you with your homework.



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