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Volume 2, Number 31

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4 August 1997                                  Vol. 2, No. 31


Polygon Fractions | Measurement Tour | Geometry Bibliography

                    by Cynthia Lanius

A new unit for grades 3-6 that uses hexagon, trapezoid, 
rhombus, and triangle shapes to explore geometric models 
of fractions and discover relations among them. These 
Web pages connect math, art, writing, technology, 
arithmetic, and geometry

  Topics cover:

   - identifying fractional values
   - equivalent fractions
   - adding and subtracting fractions
   - ordering fractions
   - identifying geometric figures and their properties 

Lessons are arranged so that students can work independently 
or with guidance from the teacher, and should be printed 
so children can draw and color the appropriate shapes.


                   A TOUR OF MEASUREMENT

This is the second in a series of 'tours' planned by the 
Math Forum to help teachers find classroom materials for 
specific subjects. It is arranged by topic and level and 
includes lesson plans, questions and answers from the 
Dr. Math archives, software suggestions, and resources 
for students.

The page structure of this unit follows that of our earlier 
Tour of Fractions:

     Please send your suggestions for other such tours to:

               the Math Forum Internet Newsletter editors



Recently updated to include a listing of geometry articles
published through 1996, this bibliography compiled by 
Hubert Ludwig, Professor of Mathematics at Ball State
University, has been hosted by the Math Forum since our
previous incarnation as the Geometry Forum.

The bibliography is divided into 38 subcategories; topics
include answers to questions like "How/Why Should
Geometry Be Taught?" and popular subjects such as the
Four Color Problem, Tessellations, and Higher Dimensions.


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