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Volume 2, Number 36

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8 September 1997                                Vol. 2, No. 36


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A site inspired by Paul Erdos that features exercises, 
stories, and activities designed to prepare students for
problems dealing with graphs, knots, sorting networks, 
and finite state machines.

  - Introduction to graph theory: "We say that a graph is 
    coloured if you can colour the nodes (the circles) 
    different colours so that if there is an edge (a line) 
    between two nodes, they need to be different colours. 
    Try to colour a graph with as few colours as possible."

  - Stories: ... "Space Rollercoasters were fun... Since 
    the tubes were flexible, they could change shape as 
    you slid through them!..."

  - Activities - "Making knots with people: we can think of 
    the knot as going through the arms and between the 
    shoulders of all the people in the knot...."

  - Exercises: "A dominating set is a set of vertices of a 
    graph such that every vertex in the graph is either in 
    the set or a neighbor of one of the members of the set. 
    What is the size of the smallest dominating set of this 

  - Tutorials: "The fundamental problem in knot theory is 
    deciding whether two knots are the same. We'll take a 
    look at how mathematicians define what a knot is, what 
    they mean when they say that two knots are the same,
    and different ways to construct a knot."

An illustrated glossary and a number of open questions are
also available. To familiarize yourself with the site,
take the MathMania tour:





      The Elementary POW starts a new school year with a
      new look and new administrator: Lisa Lavelle.

      Creative and challenging problems for grades 3-6
      (ages 8-12) will appear each week for individuals
      and classes, members of which can receive
      individualized feedback from mentors.

      Mentors may be teachers with their elementary,
      middle school, or high school classes; pre-service
      teachers; or professional educators.

      If you think you'd like to be a mentor for a week,
      instructions can be found on the Web at:



Citing 3 newspaper articles and clippings about mathematics, 
Susan Addington's initial August 11, 1997 post generated
discussions on topics including MathLand; mental computation, 
estimating, and number sense as compared with paper and pencil 
calculations and calculators; and textbooks and free enterprise.
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Division Algorithm

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