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Volume 2, Number 48

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1 December 1997                                   Vol. 2, No. 48


      Math Teacher Link | rec.puzzles Archive | The Proof



Math Teacher Link provides professional development 
opportunities and classroom resources to teachers of 
mathematics, statistics, and related subjects at the
high school and lower division college levels. 

Math Teacher Link's for-credit courses and tutorials 
cover the following modules:

  - Calculus and Mathematica for Mathematics Teachers
  - Using Internet Resources For High School Mathematics 
  - Using Mathematica in the Mathematics Classroom
  - Using The Geometer's Sketchpad
  - Algebra through Modeling with the TI-82 and TI-83
     Graphing Calculators
  - Teaching Statistics in High School
  - HTML Programming for Teachers
  - JavaScripting for Teachers
  - Dynamic Geometry with Geometer's Sketchpad
  - Logo Programming for the Math Classroom 

Current non-credit courses for teachers and their students 
include downloadable and online interactive tutorials for 
the TI-82 and TI-92 calculators, and "UserActive," an 
interactive HTML tutorial for teachers.

Classroom resources now under construction include links 
to sites with traditional courses for algebra, geometry, 
precalculus, trigonometry, and calculus; extended curricula 
for probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, 
linear algebra, computer science, and differential equations; 
teaching strategies for collaborative learning, graphing 
calculators, and graphics packages, and other topics such as 
the history of mathematics.


           INTER-LINKS PUZZLE ARCHIVE - rec.puzzles

What is the Arabian Nights factorial? What digits does googol! 
start with? Can three houses be connected to three utilities 
without the pipes crossing? Is there a Ham Sandwich Theorem?

   Brain teasers with their solutions, archived from the 
   newsgroup rec.puzzles. Puzzles are organized into the
   following categories:
     - analysis 
     - arithmetic 
     - combinatorics 
     - competition 
     - cryptology 
     - decision 
     - geometry 
     - group 
     - induction 
     - language 
     - logic 
     - physics 
     - pickover 
     - probability 
     - real-life 
     - references 
     - series 
     - trivia 

   To learn more about rec.puzzles, see its FAQ:


                     NOVA ONLINE: THE PROOF


    "In a tale of secrecy, obsession, dashed hopes, and 
     brilliant insights, Princeton math sleuth Andrew Wiles 
     goes undercover - for eight years - to solve history's 
     most famous math problem: Fermat's Last Theorem. 
     His success was front-page news around the world. 
     But then disaster struck..."

Some of the greatest minds of science struggled for more than 
350 years to prove the idea that a simple equation had no
solutions. This site offers a variety of resources for
teachers to use in discussing Fermat's Last Theorem with 
their students, extending the NOVA program seen on TV in 
November, 1997, which may be purchased from PBS. 

The site includes an interview with Andrew Wiles, the story 
of Sophie Germain (an 18th-century mathematician who hid her 
identity in order to work on Fermat's Last Theorem), 
Pythagorean Theorem activities, and related links. 
A Teachers' Guide with lesson plans is also provided:

  For more about Fermat and the theorem, see the letter "F" in
  the biographical index of the MacTutor math history archive:


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