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Volume 2, Number 50

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15 December 1997                                  Vol. 2, No. 50


12 Days of Christmas | GirlTECH | Exploring Data - Queensland


A math warmup activity for the 12 days preceding Christmas.
This lesson gives the cost of:

  - a partridge in a pear tree
  - a pair of turtle doves
  - one French hen
  - one calling bird
  - a simple gold ring
  - one goose a-laying
  - one swimming swan
  - a milkmaid hired for 1 hour
  - one Lady dancing
  - one Lord a-leapin'
  - one Piper piping
  - one Drummer drumming

and students are asked to calculate the total cost of the 
items in the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."


                       CRPC GIRLTECH

The goal of the Center for Research on Parallel Computation 
(CRPC), an NSF-funded Science and Technology Center, is to 
encourage young women to pursue careers in math and science.
GirlTECH is a teacher training and student council program 
from the Center; during the GirlTECH training period at The 
Rice School in Houston, Texas, participating teachers from 
the Houston area receive intensive technology training and 
explore innovative teaching strategies that address gender 
equity in the classroom. 

GirlTECH LESSON PLANS were designed by participating 
teachers to take full advantage of Internet resources and 
to teach standard concepts in mathematics and sciences in 
new and exciting ways. The site includes lessons written
during the summers from 1995 to 1997:

Although the numbers of women in most areas of science and
mathematics are increasing, the number of women choosing
computer science as a career is actually decreasing.
Cynthia Lanius offers a page of tips for "Getting Girls
Interested in Computers," with links to sites on gender
equity in technology:

  - professional development
  - computers, the Internet, and the WWW
  - tips on Web page design
  - guides to installating programs on the PC

    [This item generated an interesting discussion about 
     interpreting the NSF data.]



A site with activities, worksheets, overhead transparency
masters, datasets, and assessment to support the exploration
of data. An extensive collection of articles and a page of
resources for introductory statistics are provided, including
texts, websites, datasets, java applets, and mailing lists. 
Topics include:

 - patterns, stemplots, dotplots, histograms
 - measures of spread
 - boxplots, normal plots, scatterplots
 - assessment
 - linear regression
 - normal distribution
 - probability
 - sampling, confidence intervals
 - hypothesis testing, curve fitting

Datasets are available in tab-delimited and spreadsheet

More sites for finding statistics lesson plans and data sets 
on the Web at the K-4, 5-8, and 9-12 levels can be found via 
the Math Forum's USI workshop pages. Follow the links to
Lessons and Websites:


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