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Volume 2, Number 52

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29 December 1997                                  Vol. 2, No. 52


  Lopaka's WWW Projects | Calendar Algebra | LOGICA10 - Diez



Garry's pages offer rich mathematics projects and science 
projects that use mathematics, with links to suggested 
Internet resources for background explorations. Included are:

  - A Catalog of Equations (graphs) 
  - How Long will the Oil Last? (functions) 
  - Plan It! Earth Recycling
  - The Stardust Mission (equations) 
  - The Parabola (polynomials) 
  - Varroa - Bee Parasitic Mite Syndrome 
     (exponential functions) 
  - Polyhedra Stained Glass Lamps (analytic trig) 
  - Snell and the Rainbow (trig functions)
  - Tidal Energy (applications of trig functions) 
  - HAL BQXSNFQZOGX - Cryptography (matrices and 
  - The Great Balsa Bridge Contest (vector analysis) 
  - Spirosaver (parametric equations) 
  - The Chaos Game (sequences and limits) 
  - Bicycle Helmet Safety (probability and statistics) 
  - The Rubik Meme (derivatives) 

Here you'll find links, WWW lectures and assignments, 
E-Zine articles from CCMATH, the Problem Zone (games and 
puzzles on the WWW), and current activities such as 
Hawai'i STTP, a Calculus-Physics enrichment program.




Using a mathematical puzzle, this activity demonstrates how
to solve a simple linear equation. It's an average math trick,
but an excellent activity with which to demonstrate algebraic 

Take any calendar. Tell your friend to choose 4 days that 
form a square. Your friend should tell you only the sum of 
the four days, and you will tell her what the four days are. 

How does this puzzle work? It uses algebra!


When you have studied the puzzle, you are invited to design
your own.
This activity for grades 6-9 (pre-algebra or algebra) was 
written to comply with the NCTM Standards and to support
the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


For our Spanish-speaking readers:

                   LOGICA10 - ANTONIO DIEZ


    El cerebro es como una máquina de acuñar monedas. 
    Si echas en ella metal impuro, obtendrás escoria; 
    si echas oro, obtendrás moneda de ley.

    Para resolver la mayoría de los juegos, problemas 
    y divertimientos de estas páginas, solo hace falta 
    la lógica que emana del "sentido común" y acaso 
    también un poquito de paciencia. Aquí se encuentran:

    - Pensamiento Lateral (acertijos)
    - El acertijo del día - dedicado al pensamiento lateral
    - Galimatías lógicos
    - Problemas de ingenio 
    - Desafío a la inteligencia
    - Series de números y letras
    - El baile de las neuronas
    - ¿Mentirosos, locos, honrados?
    - Entremeses para gigantes intelectuales
    - Paradojas
    - Matemáticas recreativas
       ... ¡y mucho más!

       Antonio Diez mantiene la página oficial de 
       Mensa España:


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