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Volume 2, Number 8

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 24 February 1997                              Vol. 2, No. 8


 Plane Math | Parents & Citizens | Square Roots by Hand

                       PLANE MATH


Internet explorations of math and aeronautics for elementary
students. Plane Math's individual and group math activities
span a number of attractive Web pages:

 - Flight Path: find the shortest path between two cities.
 - Plane Capacity: how many people can board your plane?
 - Runways and Takeoffs: fly a herd of buffalo to the

Teachers are invited to register their classes and qualify
to win prizes. Parent/teacher information is included, along
with links to other sites.

    Sponsored by InfoUse, in cooperation with NASA.



Whether you are the parent of a math student or just curious
about current trends in education and research, the Math
Forum welcomes you to the Internet math community.

You'll find suggestions for how to participate in the Math
Forum, starting points for searching and browsing our site,
and pointers to useful material elsewhere on the Internet,
including "The New Homework," an article that presents
family activities designed to help children identify
reliable Internet sources, notice bias, resist propaganda,
and develop their own independent ideas based on research.
From the February 1997 edition of FromNowOn.Org: The
Educational Technology Journal.



Dear Dr. Math,

   When I went to school about umpteen zillion years
   ago back sometime before the pyramids, I recall a
   longhand-division-and-guess method used to determine
   square roots, at least until we ran out of papyrus.
   Nowadays, the only answer I can seem to find is,
   "Well, you hit this button on the calculator..."

We have some good answers to this dilemma in our archives,
where we organize topics about which we receive questions.
While you're waiting for Dr. Math to answer it's always
worth searching the archives, which you can do from the
link in the top menubar of our archive pages.  Here are a
few responses to get you started:

             Manual Method to Find Square Roots

          Square Roots: Estimate, Divide, Average

             Square Roots without a Calculator


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