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Volume 21, Number 43

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 28 October, 2016                               Vol. 21, No. 43


     Mathematics Teacher Preparation | Symbolab Study Groups
            Verizon Innovative Learning App Challenge



 Remember your own path into the classroom?

 Curious who might join the math teacher ranks next?

 The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) has
 drafted a document of standards that articulates a national
 vision for the initial preparation of mathematics teachers
 PK-12 -- and they seek feedback.

 Describing these standards as aspirational, AMTE intends them
 to improve individual mathematics teacher preparation (MTP)
 programs and promote national dialogue.

 Click the big blue button labeled "Read Current Draft" to
 download "AMTE Standards for Mathematics Teacher Preparation"
 (3.6 MB). The Association welcomes feedback through Tuesday,
 15 November.

 This Tuesday, 1 November, the chair of the writing team behind
 the draft materials will conduct a webinar about them. Register
 to join Nadine Bezuk, Director and Qualcomm Endowed Professor
 of Mathematics Education at San Diego State University, for
 next week's online event by completing this form before
 midnight tonight, Pacific time:


 Earlier this summer, AMTE released the results of a survey of
 enrollment in MTP programs. Scores of institutions volunteered
 data from the past five years, and further responded to several
 open-response questions. Read about changing enrollments, how
 MTP programs have addressed them, and other trends by visiting



    PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

 "Honestly, I didn't know how to work out this equation at
 first.... I assumed that it would be 2B = F, but it's actually
 not. After gathering more information, my friend and I figured
 out that it was actually B = 2F. Learning from my mistakes with
 the first small equation made it easier to find the other two,
 and it went way faster."

 - Grace, highlighted in the Algebra PoW's Latest Solution


                      SYMBOLAB STUDY GROUPS


 Two days ago, a new way to do math collaboratively came online,
 courtesy of step-by-step math solver and semantic search
 engine Symbolab.

 First featured in these pages upon its launch four years ago,
 Symbolab now lets you share and organize problems with friends,
 ask questions, comment on individual problems, and generally
 discuss and do math while taking advantage of its machine
 learning algorithms.

 Start by clicking on Groups to create a new one and invite
 your friends:



    Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

 "Your session was awesome! What else you got? Would love
 fraction lesson you spoke of!"
 - Julie, tweeted to @MFAnnie




 What problems do your students face in their community?

 If math and mobile technology would help address their societal
 concerns, encourage your students to participate in the Verizon
 Innovative Learning App Challenge.

 Requiring no coding whatsoever, this nationwide contest
 challenges middle and high school students to brainstorm in
 small teams to create an app concept, which consists of an
 essay and a video.

 Prizes range from tablets to $15,000 towards the development
 of the app, enhancement of STEM education at your school or
 nonprofit group or club, and attendance at the National
 Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference in Orlando
 next June.

 For complete rules, past winners, this year's judging rubric,
 and important dates such as the submission deadline of Monday,
 18 November, consult

 The app challenge is delivered by Verizon Innovative Learning
 in partnership with the TSA and the Massachusetts Institute of
 Technology (MIT) App Inventor Group.


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