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Volume 21, Number 45

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 11 November, 2016                              Vol. 21, No. 45


     PCMI Books and Discounts | A Webinar with Marilyn Burns
            Teaching Mathematics with Technology MOOC


                    PCMI BOOKS AND DISCOUNTS


 On Monday, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) published
 the final volume of a series drawn from a residential summer
 institute for math teachers.

 Like the other books in this AMS Teacher Program Series, "Some
 Applications of Geometric Thinking" advances teacher knowledge
 via a problem-based approach to learning. Each volume includes
 a chapter on math concepts, problem sets, and facilitator notes
 with solutions and practical tips for running a teacher
 training session.

 Freely preview 25 pages of "openers" -- alongside important
 stuff, neat stuff, and tough stuff -- by downloading this
 PDF (610k):
 Through Wednesday, 16 November, save with code SSTPSALE:

 Members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
 (NCTM) and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
 receive a 20% discount from list prices in the AMS bookstore
 any time.
 The summer institute that inspired "Some Applications of
 Geometric Thinking" appeared in these pages just last week,
 when the Institute for Advanced Study began accepting
 applications for the 2017 Teacher Leadership Program of the
 Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI):


 In addition to the summer snapshots and other materials
 mentioned in last week's issue, the Math Forum also hosts
 sixteen years' worth of problem sets from PCMI's Developing
 Mathematics Course:


    PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

 "After that, I remembered that I need to keep track of how many
 hours it takes, so I looked back at the first step."

 - Tessa, highlighted in the FunPoW's Latest Solution




 What have five decades in math classrooms taught the author of
 "About Teaching Mathematics"? Find out Tuesday during a free
 webinar with Marilyn Burns.

 Register now for "Developing Students' Numerical Understanding
 and Skills" by entering some contact information. Then tune in
 to watch Burns, a recipient of awards from the National Council
 of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and the Association for
 Women in Mathematics (AWM), as she addresses how to

    - build a teaching bridge between math and reading
    - learn from one-on-one math interviews
    - implement effective instructional strategies

 Education Week hosts this event, thanks to sponsorship by
 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, publishers of Burns' "Do the Math"
 program. In the 34 months since one of EdWeek's webinars last
 appeared in these pages ("The Future of Math Education"), the
 news organization has hosted nearly 20 others aimed at math
 teachers, such as

    - Digging into Mathematical Discourse: Selecting and
      Sequencing Student Solution Samples
    - Personalized Learning in Project-Based Math Classrooms
    - Dynamic vs. Static Assessment: A Growth
      Mindset Perspective
    - Closing the Factory: Productive Struggle and the New
      Math Model
    - Mastering the Most Challenging Math Standards with
      Rigorous Instruction
    - The Language of Math: the Common Core and

 For more on these and other archived webinars, each with
 PowerPoint presentations freely available for download, visit


    Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

 "Learning about @Bootstrapworld at @swarthmore thanks to @NCTM
 + @themathforum. Great to combine math and computer science!
 Awesome workshop!"
 - Kelly, tweeted to @maxmathforum



 The newest free course from the Math-Ed team at the Friday
 Institute remains open through Sunday, 1 December -- and it's
 about using technology to support students'
 mathematical learning.

 "Teaching Mathematics with Technology" consists of five
 self-directed units. They show how to

    - describe the different affordances of technology to 
      support students' learning of mathematics
    - critically evaluate and use materials for teaching 
      mathematics with technology and make decisions about 
      appropriate and effective use of mathematics technology 
    - analyze students' learning and thinking about mathematical 
      ideas when students use technology
    - observe students' work with technology and pose questions 
      that both assesses students' mathematical thinking and 
      develops this thinking as they engage with 
      mathematical tasks
    - engage students in productive discourse that focuses on 
      important mathematical ideas when using 
      technology-enhanced mathematics tasks

 Expect to spend three to four hours on each unit's videos,
 activities, discussion forums, and other digital resources.
 Teachers who complete the course may receive a Certificate of
 Completion of professional development from North Carolina
 State University.

 Open to all but designed for teachers of grade six and up,
 "Teaching Mathematics with Technology" requires nothing more
 than a web browser and Internet connection. And like every
 Massive Open Online Courses for Educators (MOOC-Eds), first
 featured in these pages upon their debut three summers ago,
 there is never a cost for participating.

 Friday Institute funders and partners include the Alliance for
 Excellent Education, Google, Lenovo, the Gates Foundation, the
 National Science Foundation (NSF), the Oak Foundation and the
 Hewlett Foundation.


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