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 December 9, 2016                               Vol. 21, No. 49


                 Speak at Twitter Math Camp 2017
              MathFeed News App | The Winton Gallery


                 SPEAK AT TWITTER MATH CAMP 2017

 A conference "by teachers, for teachers" is now seeking topics
 for its weekend of professional development.

 The conference organizers of Twitter Math Camp 2017 (TMC17)
 invite math teachers to suggest "anything someone has ever
 asked you about.... And that thing that no one has asked about
 but you wish they would? That's worth sharing, too."


 Type in a what you want to hear at TMC17, add a "+1" after
 other entries that interest you, or suggest speakers in this
 shared, editable document:


 Topic suggestions already include

    - co-teaching
    - vertical planning
    - manageable, effective ways to grade/not grade/provide
      feedback/assess students
    - how to teach word problems more conceptually
    - how thought processes used in high school math relate to 
      those in 21st century workplaces
    - advocacy -- especially for students not well-served by  
      standard curriculum/instruction, as well as for public
      education in general
    - what we are learning about math and play from

 Speaker proposals opened up last week. Submit your own by
 Monday, January 16.


 Twitter Math Camp's web presence recently re-launched at a new
 URL. Find the schedule from past TMCs, as well as wikis and
 other resources, now at this new address:



    PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

 "I was able to make two equations. I checked to see if there
 was a 7 and 9 in each. There was! Then, without even solving
 the next problem, I knew that.... But I still did the next
 problem to check my work."
 - Sophia, highlighted in the FunPoW's Latest Solution


                        MATHFEED NEWS APP


 Want to keep abreast of math and math education stories as
 they hit the web? If you have an iOS device, a new option just
 came online for you: MathFeed News.

 This free app for the iPhone and iPad aggregates articles from
 major news sources and influential math blogs; trending stories
 on social media; and puzzle columns, book reviews, podcasts,
 and videos. Read more about MathFeed -- including its origins
 as a student project from a software development course -- at
 the website of developer Francis Su.

 A Harvey Mudd College math professor, Su currently serves as
 President of the Mathematical Association of America. He tweets
 out the app's stories under @MathFeed.



    Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

 "Your notice and wonder sessions still resonate in my teaching
 after attending #CMCmath 4 years ago"

 - Mary, tweeted to @MFAnnie


                       THE WINTON GALLERY


 A new gallery opened in London yesterday -- and it "reveals the
 fundamental role mathematicians, their tools and ideas, play in
 the world around us."

 Spanning 400 years of human ingenuity, Mathematics: The Winton
 Gallery brings the work of mathematicians to life with
 historical stories about the field's influence in the
 real world.

 More than 100 curated treasures of science, technology, and
 engineering tell how mathematics has shaped -- and been shaped
 by -- some of our most fundamental human concerns: trade and
 travel; war and peace; life and death; form and beauty.

 Click through the gallery's website to view

    - an Islamic planispheric astrolabe (1666)
    - a Julius "Totalisator" (1933), which calculated the odds
      of greyhound races in real time
    - MONIAC, which used the flow of water to model the British
      economy (1949)
    - WISARD, an artificial intelligence (neural network)
      computer (1981)

 The Winton Gallery's visually stunning layout -- and in
 particular its curved overhead structure -- suggests airflow
 around the experimental "Gugnunc" aircraft (1929) suspended at
 its center. In fact, the entire space follows the contours of
 this flow. Even the gallery's benches, hotwire-cut by robot,
 offer opportunities to marvel at mathematics in our world.

 Watch architect Patrik Schumacher reflect on his own
 mathematics schooling experience, discuss the design of the
 gallery, and introduce how the Winton Gallery makes
 "mathematical tools tangible through application":

 Schumacher serves as Senior Designer for Zaha Hadid Architects,
 which built this newest addition to the Science Museum -- the
 firm's first UK project to open since the death of its founder,
 and the only permanent public museum exhibition that Hadid
 designed. Before turning to architecture, the Pritzker
 Architecture Prize-winner had earned a degree in math from the
 American University of Beirut.

 Can't make the trip in person? Check out "Mathematics: How it
 Shaped Our World," a book just published to accompany the new
 gallery. The 208-page paperback, authored by the same curator
 whose centennial Alan Turing exhibition appeared in these pages
 when it opened, is currently available to ship from the Science
 Museum shop at a specially reduced pre-launch price:
maths/mathematics-how-it-shaped-our-world-book.htm Entry to the Winton Gallery -- as with the rest of the Science Museum -- is free. It has been made possible through a donation from David and Claudia Harding. The Winton Gallery has also received generous support from Samsung as Principal Sponsor, MathWorks as Major Sponsor, with additional support from Adrian and Jacqui Beecroft, Iain and Jane Bratchie, the Keniston-Cooper Charitable Trust, Dr. Martin Schoernig, Steve Mobbs, and Pauline Thomas. -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE: The Math Forum at NCTM Online PD Online Workshops Ask Dr. Math Problems of the Week Powerful Problem Solving Mathematics Library Math Tools Teacher2Teacher Discussion Groups Join the Math Forum Ask Dr. Math Books Facebook Blogs Twitter Feed SEND COMMENTS TO: _o \o_ __| \ / |__ o _ o/ \o/ __|- __/ \__/o \o | o/ o/__/ /\ /| | \ \ / \ / \ /o\ / \ / \ / | / \ / \ An archive of all the Math Forum newsletters and directions for subscribing can be found at

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