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Volume 22, Number 10

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 March 10, 2017                                  Vol. 22, No. 10


               Summer Workshops for Math Teachers
    Desmos Teaching Fellowships | The Eratosthenes Experiment




 Henri Picciotto has announced his geometry workshops for the

    - Hands-On Geometry (grades 6-10)
    - Transformational Geometry (grades 8-11)

 Since his most recent appearance in these pages, Picciotto has
 received the 2016 George Polya Award from the Mathematical
 Association of America (MAA), and has delivered this
 Ignite talk:

 Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the first seven
 public school teachers to register for each of Picciotto's
 workshops will enjoy substantial savings on the tuition. For
 course descriptions and more details, check out the
 registration page:


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "After considering these expressions and not being able to
 think of a way to solve for any single variable, I realized
 that I could rewrite Tuesday's data in terms of Monday's like
 so.... When I noticed that Wednesday's expression could be
 solved since it has a set equal value, I immediately did so. I
 started by distributing the inner 2 to the 80 and negative
 x.... I combined the like terms, then used inverse operations
 to isolate the variable x."

 - Nicholas, highlighted in the Algebra PoW's latest solution




 Also taking place in the Bay Area later this summer: Desmos' 
 second cohort of teaching fellows.

 The creators of the popular free online graphing calculator,
 first highlighted in these pages four years ago, will send a
 group of teachers on an all-expenses-paid trip to its
 headquarters. Fellows will then spend a long weekend talking
 math and pedagogy, enjoying first looks at every new feature
 and activity produced by Desmos, and seeing their input folded
 into its public releases.

 New to Desmos? Check out this selection of activities posted by
 Chief Academic Officer Dan Meyer last month:

 Powered under the hood by a new scripting language, these ten
 activities reflect the company's digital mathematics pedagogy,
 refined through daily conversations, lesson pitches, lesson
 critiques, lunch chats with guests like the Khan Academy
 research team, and frequent consultation with the inaugural
 class of Desmos Teaching Fellows:


 Apply before the end of the month to experience Desmos
 technology from the inside:



    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "I'd bet this would be a good activity! So hard to think of
 things that are so different than my own way of thinking."

 - Paula, tweeted to @MFAnnie during #elemmathchat




 How big around is Earth? Step outside and measure it in a few
 weeks alongside more than a thousand schools from the United
 Kingdom, Greece, and China, to name just a few.

 At their respective noontimes on the equinox, March 21,
 students the world over will measure the length of shadows cast
 by sticks, then consult observations made by others at the same
 longitude. By sharing these data, invoking the properties of
 right triangles, and applying proportional reasoning to angular
 distances, students will obtain a good measurement of our
 planet's size, which was a feat first documented by Greek
 astronomer Eratosthenes in 240 B.C.

 Find elementary school and high school lesson plans in eight
 languages here:

 Photograph your experiment and submit it to Europe's Inspiring
 Science Education for a chance at scholarships to attend its
 summer academy in Athens:

 First featured in these pages two years ago, the Eratosthenes
 Experiment is organized with support from the European
 Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme
 (FP7). Similar past initiatives, also mentioned here over the
 years, have sometimes called this activity "the Noon
 Day Measurement."


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