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Volume 22, Number 15

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 April 14, 2017                                  Vol. 22, No. 15


                 Two of Suzanne's Favorite Things
    The National Math Festival App | The Desmos Geometry Tool




 Three days after the close of the NCTM Annual 
 Meeting & Exposition, Math Forum senior project manager 
 Suzanne Alejandre blogged about two troves of resources for 
 math teachers.

 Before the San Antonio conference, scores of Problems of the
 Week, along with their supporting materials, went live on the
 NCTM website for members to access. Just log in to,
 mouse up to the purple navigation bar, and click on "Classroom
 Resources" for 62 sets of PoW resources:


 Suzanne also highlighted all the new content collected from
 the Networking Lounge in NCTM Central this past Wednesday
 through Saturday:

 Scroll to the top of that page for handouts from our booths
 and presentations, and for Storify links and PDFs from NCSM
 Ignite! and NCTM Ignite!


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "I started by converting every thing into feet because I think
 the math would be harder to do in inches because there are
 more digits.... I divided by 144 because the unit is ..."

 - Tessa, highlighted in the Pre-Algebra PoW's latest solution




 Heading for the National Math Festival? Download the free
 mobile app!

 Create a personal schedule, view presenter profiles, get
 real-time alerts, and otherwise find your way around this free
 annual celebration of math -- all from the convenience of your
 iOS, Android, Microsoft, or Blackberry handheld device.


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "Thanks for making this (the first annual?) debate happen
 at #NCTMannual"

 - Ethan, tweeted to @themathforum after releasing video of the
   debate between @MrSurti and @Borschtwithanna on 
   integrated vs. traditional pathways


                    THE DESMOS GEOMETRY TOOL


 On Sunday, Desmos announced the beta release of its first
 geometry tool.

 Acknowledging the many choices that are already available in
 dynamic geometry software, Desmos posted on its blog to make
 the case for what sets apart its new lightweight,
 browser-based tool. The creators of the popular free online
 graphing calculator welcome feedback by email to and by tweets to @desmos.

 Soon, the Desmos Geometry Tool will appear in products from
 Pearson and College Preparatory Mathematics. To suggest
 partnerships with other math education organizations, email



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