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Volume 22, Number 17

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 April 28, 2017                                  Vol. 22, No. 17


        Mathical Book Prize Winners | Querium Pilot Study
 Rosenthal Prize for Innovation and Inspiration in Math Teaching




 Five math-related fiction and literary nonfiction books just
 won recognition from NCTM, the Mathematical Sciences Research
 Institute (MSRI), and the National Council of Teachers of
 English (NCTE).

 "Mathical: Books for Kids from Tots to Teens" aims to inspire
 a love of mathematics in the everyday world. Last weekend's
 winners bring the all-time total to three dozen, with several
 older books selected to appear in the Mathical Hall of Fame:


 For some of the more recent books, MSRI has created freely
 downloadable Educator Tip Sheets as reading guides:


 Mathical was first featured in these pages after its inception
 three years ago. It continues to partner with First Book, a
 nonprofit organization that provides books and educational
 resources to schools and programs serving low-income
 communities. Educators who serve children from low-income
 families may access previous Mathical titles from the First
 Book Marketplace at over 50% off retail price:


 The Mathical Prize is made possible through the support of the
 Firedoll Foundation. 


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "It was really exciting to read so many versions of the Solve
 a Simpler Problem strategy. These strategies were harder to
 explain than to show, so ... I have some good pictures to
 share!.... Many students thought of the shortcut of inspecting
 smaller portions of the square, and then using the symmetry of
 squares to reason about how many bricks would fill the whole
 square. Here are some different ways students described
 dividing up the area...."

 - Max, commenting on the Pre-Algebra PoW's latest solution


                       QUERIUM PILOT STUDY


 A nonprofit educational research agency has received funding
 from the U.S. Department of Education to conduct a brief study
 about an online algebra tutor.

 WestEd is offering stipends that range from $600 to $850 for
 various levels of participation either using or not using the
 StepWise Virtual Tutor for Algebra developed by Querium.


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "This is the one I've been waiting for! Excited to watch and
 learn from @woutgeo."
 - Zak, replying to @themathforum's tweet about Avery Pickford's
   Ignite! talk




 Got an exceptional math activity to share? The Museum of
 Mathematics (MoMath) will award a $25,000 cash prize to the
 author of just such an activity.

 The Rosenthal Prize for Innovation and Inspiration in Math
 Teaching is a program of MoMath, North America's only museum
 devoted to math. Hands-on, engaging math activities that won
 the prize in previous years have included the following:

    - MUTANT Creature Invasion: Minecraft Volume Investigation
    - Random Walk
    - Mathematics and Fashion Design

 MoMath, first featured in these pages seven years ago during
 the construction of its 19,000 square-foot space, strives to
 enhance the public understanding and perception of mathematics.
 The deadline for preliminary applications to the Rosenthal
 Prize is Wednesday, May 24:



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