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Volume 22, Number 22

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 June 2, 2017                                   Vol. 22, No. 22


                  Math Forum Online PD Courses
               Problems of the Week Certificates
                 Challenging the "Summer Slide"




 Our next professional development courses start soon:

    - Differentiating Math Instruction: Using Rich Tasks, Whole
      Group Discussion, and Small Group Work to Reach 
      All Learners

    - Developing Powerful Problem Solvers

 The only technical requirements are a web browser and
 Internet access.

 To see what teachers have said about past courses after
 completing them, check out

 Registrations begin closing Monday, June 12, 2017.


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "I thought that this PoW was very hard. It took me a while to
 figure everything out.... I liked this problem because it made
 me think a lot."

 - Deborah, highlighted in the Algebra PoW's latest solution



 In the coming week, we'll post students' solutions and mentors'
 commentary for the last cycle of Current Problems of the Week
 (PoWs) for the 2016-2017 academic year. To honor your
 Mathematical Wordsmiths, Deep Conceptual Thinkers, Noticer and
 Wonderer Extraordinaires, and other great problem solvers,
 download our PoW certificates of participation. Originally
 suggested to us by a teacher member, these free PDFs suitable
 for end-of-the-year ceremonies have blank spaces for
 student names.


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "And he's going out with a bang, as his Academic Team won the
 Oklahoma State Championship in February and Gordon was named
 Oklahoma Academic Competition Association Coach of the Year
 for the second time."

 - Annie, posted to her blog

happy-retirement-gordon/ -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- CHALLENGING THE "SUMMER SLIDE" Concerned about math skill retention during the summer recess? The Quantile Framework for Mathematics offers a free maintenance program based on grade-level standards for elementary and middle school students. Sign in to receive a daily email with activities and links to educational resources; and earn badges for progress through the six weeks of Quantile's Summer Math Challenge, each of which focuses on a different math concept. Yesterday, Brilliant unveiled the first math problem from its "100 Day Summer Challenge." Freely register to check your solutions to its daily multiple-response question, each rated by difficulty level: -|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|-\-/-|- CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE: The Math Forum at NCTM Online PD Online Workshops Ask Dr. Math Problems of the Week Powerful Problem Solving Mathematics Library Math Tools Teacher2Teacher Discussion Groups Join the Math Forum Ask Dr. Math Books Facebook Blogs Twitter Feed SEND COMMENTS TO: _o \o_ __| \ / |__ o _ o/ \o/ __|- __/ \__/o \o | o/ o/__/ /\ /| | \ \ / \ / \ /o\ / \ / \ / | / \ / \ An archive of all the Math Forum newsletters and directions for subscribing can be found at

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