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Volume 22, Number 24

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 June 16, 2017                                  Vol. 22, No. 24


                  Summer Slugger | Game-a-thon
               Graphing Calculator Apps by Symbolab


                         SUMMER SLUGGER


 On Wednesday, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced the
 national launch of a new game-based learning experience aimed
 at preventing the "summer slide."

 Summer Slugger's ten math games include--

    - Round the Bases (place value and rounding);
    - Fraction Fastball (adding and subtracting fractions 
      and decimals);
    - Pick Your Pitch (identifying equivalent quantities);
    - Factor Fielding (factors and multiples); and
    - Polygon Pitch (properties of shapes).

 Participate free of charge by clicking the white button labeled
 "I need a code" and selecting one of the 14 MLB clubs that have
 joined the initial promotion:

 Don't see your local team in that pull-down list? Just register
 with the code "MLBDigital."

 Through the same platform hosted by official MLB education
 partner EVERFI, instructors at schools and community-based
 organizations across the United States and Canada may track
 their students' progress at no cost. Download the 1.3M
 curriculum guide to learn more about trophies, special
 challenges, and how to pace the games, which also
 address literacy.




 An annual competition is underway to challenge K-grade 12
 students to design, build, and share games that feature
 creative and unusual solutions to mathematical problems.

 Student inventions may take many forms, such as--

    - card games;
    - board games;
    - apps; and
    - outdoor games.

 Check out "Hungry Alligators," "Fraction Tag," "Shape Shop,"
 and the other games that claimed top honors in 2016:


 Take a sneak peek at some of this year's entries:


 Then get in on the fun by watching a webinar and downloading
 guides for how to implement a game design unit in
 your classroom:

 The Game-a-thon, sponsored by MIND Research Institute,
 appeared here in its inaugural year. For a sample of the
 Institute's own games, which represent math concepts with
 language-independent animations, try Spatial-Temporal Math.
 This fraction game stars a penguin named JiJi:





 Earlier this week, the developer behind a semantic math search
 engine rolled out several new versions of interactive graphing
 calculator apps. These new downloads from Symbolab include an
 initial release of an Android app that simultaneously plots
 multiple functions and instantly shows their properties, among
 other features:


 Symbolab's more fully-featured Android app appeared in these
 pages a few years ago. Supported by ads, "Math solver" has
 gotten updated recently, as well:


 Over in the iTunes Store, Symbolab's graphing calculator app
 already had optical character recognition (OCR) to interpret
 algebra photographed using an iPhone or iPad. This week's
 update to that iOS app extends that OCR functionality
 to calculus:


 Both versions provide complete function evaluation, step by
 step, with in-app purchases.


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