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Volume 22, Number 3

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 January 20, 2017                                Vol. 22, No. 3


               2017 Mathematics Game Student Wiki
                Toshiba America Foundation Grant
                  Socratic App Does the Algebra




 Have your students rung in 2017 with the Year Game yet?

 A school in New Jersey has invited others to join a wiki in
 which students track expressions for each of the counting
 numbers 1 through 100 using the digits in 2017 and the
 standard operations. Sign in to the free Wikispaces site,
 originally created by two sixth graders, for individual team
 project pages and internal competitions:


 The Math Forum will continue processing solutions until
 Tuesday, January 31:


    PoW taking place: Math problem-solving moment of the week

 "But after rereading the problem, I realized that I wouldn't
 need to do all that. I saw that if.... I also saw that it
 would have to be.... which makes my job much easier."

 - Caroline, highlighted in the Pre-Algebra PoW's
   Latest Solution




 The Toshiba America Foundation is currently accepting
 applications for grades 6-12 grants of more than $5,000.

 See the Toshiba America Foundation site for past recipients of
 featured grants, teacher resources, and more -- and apply
 before the deadline of Wednesday, February 1!


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "That's exactly why we need multiple strategies!"

 - Donna, tweeted to @MFAnnie



 Three years ago, an education start-up launched an online
 learning Q&A community. After answering a quarter-million
 posted questions and following up with field-testing hundreds
 of high school students, on Wednesday the team behind rolled out a new version of its free
 app -- for algebra.

 The Socratic app for the iPhone allows the user to take a
 picture of an algebraic equation -- typed or handwritten. The
 app then breaks it down, step by step; shows how each step
 works using Explainers, which elaborate on underlying concepts
 using simple language and visuals; and presents graphs,
 curated videos, and relevant definitions. Download the app now
 from the iTunes store here:

 Wednesday's roll out adds to the school topics already
 addressed by the app. Originally launched for chemistry,
 Socratic now offers point-and-shoot mobile help across the
 sciences. History and economics are also included. Calculus
 and trigonometry are coming down the pipeline next.

 In support of bringing free math help to students everywhere,
 Socratic provides open-source systems, inviting others to
 contribute to its mathsteps solver:



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