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Volume 22, Number 30

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 July 28, 2017                                  Vol. 22, No. 30


      New Grants | Twitter Math Camp 2017 | Amazon Inspire


                           NEW GRANTS

 On Monday, the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) announced
 three new grant opportunities:

    - Designing Innovative Lessons and Activities for 
      Mathematics Teaching (K-8)
    - Teacher-Leader Professional Learning (Pre-K-12)
    - Fostering Support of Mathematics Learning in 
      Multilingual Classrooms (Pre-K-12)

 MET has also expanded the scope of two existing programs to
 allow for increased participation. Look for the two blue
 "Updated!" buttons on the full slate of opportunities:


 Established 41 years ago by NCTM, MET channels the generosity
 of contributors through the creation and funding of grants,
 awards, honors, and other projects that support the improvement
 of mathematics teaching and learning.


                     TWITTER MATH CAMP 2017

 TwitterMathCamp 2017 (TMC17) kicked off yesterday. Follow this
 "conference run by teachers, for teachers" via its wiki, linked
 above, which gathers--

    - morning sessions
    - presentations (afternoon sessions and "My Favorites")
    - participant blogs
    - participant Twitter handles

 Get in on the long weekend's continuing action with the
 hashtag #TMC17:


                         AMAZON INSPIRE


 Last summer, online marketplace Amazon unveiled a
 resource-sharing site designed to make it easier and faster for
 teachers to pinpoint relevant free resources contributed by
 peers, publishers, and partners such as the Newseum, San Diego
 Unified School District, EdLeader21, and the Maryland State
 Department of Education. Called Amazon Inspire, this treasure
 trove went public last week -- now requiring no invitations or
 special registration beyond an ordinary login to

 Search the 13,000+ math resources by keyword, or check the
 boxes in the left margin to specify content format and drill
 down to individual Common Core State Standards. For even finer
 granularity, click "See all filters," which reveals checkboxes
 for four levels of "depth of knowledge":

    - recall
    - skill
    - strategic thinking
    - extended thinking

 Resource types include--

    - assessment, such as diagnostic, formative, summative, 
      portfolios, quizzes, and rubrics;
    - classroom management, such as calendars, classroom 
      organizations, and contracts;
    - instruction, such as activities, demonstrations, games, 
      homework, labs, lesson plans, projects, and
      worksheets; and
    - professional development, such as articles, books, 
      manuals, and presentations.

 Log in to add resources to collections, write reviews, and
 assign ratings with the five gold stars common across A sharing function may go live later this summer.

 To learn more about Amazon Inspire's content guidelines and
 other policies, consult its FAQ:

 Earlier this month, also updated its standards-based
 program for differentiated learning. TenMarks, last featured
 here three summers ago upon its acquisition by the online
 marketplace, now boasts a full new suite of Math Labs, which
 provide students immediate visual feedback; and become easier
 and more affordable to use.



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