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Volume 22, Number 34

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 August 25, 2017                                 Vol. 22, No. 34


              Open and Illustrative Math Curriculum
            Mathpix Computes More | Budget Challenge



 Nonprofit Open Up Resources released its first openly licensed
 core program yesterday: a free middle school math curriculum.

 Nearly 200 teachers across six school districts helped
 fine-tune "Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math" during a beta
 release that ran all last school year. Among other distinctive
 features, the problem-based curriculum offers anticipated
 misconceptions, which prepare teachers to recognize, analyze,
 and respond to common student struggles with scaffolding
 suggestions; and fosters discussion-filled classrooms through
 differentiation and mathematical language routines (MLRs).
 Check out all the free materials by role -- for teachers, for
 students, and for families:


 Open Up Resources receives support from philanthropies
 including the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation, the
 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett
 Foundation, and the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. Teaming
 up again with Illustrative Mathematics, another non-profit
 corporation highlighted here upon the launch of the Common Core
 Lesson Math Library, it has already begun to develop a
 comprehensive curriculum for high school Algebra 1, Geometry,
 and Algebra 2.


                      MATHPIX COMPUTES MORE

 The makers of Mathpix have rolled out an iOS version of their 
 app that incorporates the power of Wolfram|Alpha.

 In addition to folding Wolfram's computational knowledge
 engine into Mathpix's "snap, solve and go" handheld technology,
 last week's update also simplifies picture cropping and better
 integrates LaTeX rendering.

 The iOS app scans your first 50 pictures and solves your first
 equation without charge; in-app purchases for more scans and
 solutions start at $1.99.


                        BUDGET CHALLENGE


 A free teen financial literacy program kicks off in a couple
 weeks; and while it costs nothing to participate, it offers a
 total of $200,000 in scholarships.

 Featured here upon its debut three years ago, the H&R Block
 Budget Challenge is an online game that simulates the real-life 
 responsibilities of paying bills, managing expenses, saving
 money, investing in retirement, paying taxes, and more. The
 simulation plays out across classrooms and students, with real
 college scholarship dollars on the line.

 Freely download financial literacy lessons from the world's
 largest tax services provider here:


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