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Volume 22, Number 35

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 September 1, 2017                              Vol. 22, No. 35


          Help for Schools Impacted by Hurricane Harvey
                  Amazon Inspire Now Uploading
                The Breakthrough Junior Challenge



 Do you teach in a public school affected by Hurricane Harvey?
 Or want to help one?

 For more than a decade, has empowered public
 school teachers to request the materials and experiences they
 need for their students. In the coming weeks, the 501(c)(3)
 not-for-profit corporation will help teachers at
 hurricane-damaged schools create projects of their choosing so
 that their students can get back to learning as quickly
 as possible.

 100% of donations to the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund will
 support projects from schools impacted by the storm by
 rebuilding and restocking their classrooms with materials like
 books, furniture, classroom supplies, technology, and
 therapy resources.

 Since appearing in these pages five years ago,
 has doubled the number of projects it has funded and tripled
 the donors and public school teachers it has connected.

 Prefer to donate school supplies directly instead of making a
 tax-deductible contribution? Start here:




 Last month, we featured Amazon Inspire when it went public.
 This week, the classroom resource-sharing site began accepting
 uploads from anyone with a login to the online marketplace:
 just click the "upload new resource" icon in the top-right
 corner of the site.

 Amazon welcomes original resources that you created, and also
 accepts those instructional materials, assessments,
 professional development resources, and classroom and school
 management materials that you have confirmed are openly
 licensed for sharing.

 Consult the FAQ for more guidelines, and a list of the many
 formats of document, image, and video files that Amazon
 Inspire supports.



 Applications opened today for a global student competition
 designed to inspire creative thinking about fundamental
 concepts in mathematics and science.

 The Breakthrough Junior Challenge invites students ages 13 to
 18 from countries across the globe to create original short
 videos that illustrate a concept or theory in the life
 sciences, physics or mathematics. One winner -- judged on the
 student's ability to communicate complex scientific ideas in
 the most engaging, illuminating, and imaginative ways -- will
 be awarded a $250,000 scholarship. The teacher who inspired
 the winning student will win $50,000; and the winner's school
 will also receive a state-of-the art science lab valued at

 Check out clips created by finalists from the past two years:

 Then consult the rules and encourage your students to enter:

 The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is funded by Mark Zuckerberg
 and Priscilla Chan, and Yuri and Julia Milner. Its partners
 include the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Khan Academy, Cold
 Spring Harbor Laboratory, and National Geographic.


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