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Volume 22, Number 37

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 September 15, 2017                             Vol. 22, No. 37


                 What's Going On in This Graph?
        Call for Middle School Teachers | Epsilon Stream


                 WHAT'S GOING ON IN THIS GRAPH?

 The New York Times Learning Network and the American
 Statistical Association (ASA) have announced a new partnership
 to help students understand statistics in context by critically
 thinking and writing about graphs.

 The free monthly feature "What's Going On in this Graph?"
 (WGOITGraph?) will start with a graph from the archives of the
 New York Times (NYT). Then a team of ASA teachers will moderate
 a live discussion focused on three questions:

    - What do you notice?
    - What do you wonder?
    - What's going on in this graph?

 The first two questions may sound familiar to readers of this
 newsletter and frequent visitors of our website: as the NYT
 acknowledged, they come from the Math Forum. The newspaper's
 article last week linked to a "noticing and wondering" video
 and short explanation by our own Annie Fetter.


 Annie's subsequent tweet went viral!

 Get in on the WGOITGraph? fun this coming Tuesday, September
 19, when the NYT publishes its first graphic in the series of
 the column:

 Then tune in for more graphing, noticing, and wondering on the
 second Tuesday of subsequent months:

    - October 10
    - November 14
    - December 12
    - January 9
    - February 13
    - March 13
    - April 10 
    - May 8 



 Teaching any geometry or proportional reasoning this
 school year?

 The Institute for Innovative Assessment (IIA) at the University
 of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking middle school math teachers to
 pilot a computerized classroom assessment system that supports
 teaching and assessing students' knowledge of complex
 content -- especially for English learners (EL's) and other
 students who struggle with language-heavy traditional tests.

 IIA's animations, graphics, and other multimedia methods
 integrate into existing classroom curriculum, allowing teachers
 to implement tasks at any time while teaching the content.

 To apply or learn more about the stipend, training, and
 opportunities for free professional development, download the
 PDF announcement:


 Or just watch the overview video:

 IIA receives funding from the U.S. Department of Education.


                         EPSILON STREAM


 An app just came out that lets you find, share, and organize
 YouTube's best math content.

 Curated by a team of math teachers and mathematics researchers
 with PhDs, Epsilon Stream lets you share videos with a simple
 swipe and tap of the green "share" button. Freely download the
 iOS app from the iTunes store:


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