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Volume 22, Number 39

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 September 29, 2017                             Vol. 22, No. 39


        Global Math Week | EquatIO and Desmos | Migration


                        GLOBAL MATH WEEK


 Upwards of half a million people of all ages will share a
 mathematical exploration October 10-17. Get in on the fun of
 the inaugural Global Math Week, starting with its free
 materials, which include a guide for participating in as
 little as 15 minutes, and lesson plans and handouts for six
 different experiences with "exploding dots":

 For translations in Spanish, Chinese, Bulgarian, and other
 languages, visit

 Sign up for this free international phenomenon, which has
 already registered participation from over 100 countries:


 Then explode some dots en route to thinking deeply about place
 value, and share comments and photos on Twitter with the
 hashtags #gmw2017 or #explodingdots and on Facebook:


 Global Math Week hatched out of a question asked of James
 Tanton, the Mathematician-at-Large for the Mathematical
 Association of America (MAA). As with Tanton and the Computer
 Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) that inspired this project,
 the partners of Global Math Week unite a bevy of organizations
 that have appeared in these pages through the
 years -- including a start-up featured only two issues ago.

 Until the second Tuesday of next month rolls around, check out
 the tweets, community videos, and apps available from


                       EQUATIO AND DESMOS


 On Tuesday, desktop software came out that typesets math from
 keystrokes, handwriting, or dictation in Microsoft Word.

 EquatIO for Windows and EquatIO for Mac let you create
 mathematical equations, formulas, and more directly in the
 popular word processing application. Freely download and
 install the executable or disk image file; respectively,

 EquatIO creator Texthelp has also rolled out a new
 web application:

 EquatIO mathspace allows you to seamlessly combine digital
 expressions and formulas with geometric shapes, manipulatives,
 handwritten notes, and more. Take it for a spin using a
 Chrome browser:


 Texthelp, which appeared here upon the release of its EquatIO
 extension for the Chrome browser, will offer premium access to
 mathspace and its new desktop apps until Monday, November 6.


 Earlier today, Texthelp unveiled a new partnership with Desmos:


 Integration of EquatIO's predictive, flexible input technology
 with Desmos's next generation graphing calculator will come to
 EquatIO mathspace later this fall.
 For its part, Desmos rolled out two innovations of its own
 yesterday: more and finer-grained automatic feedback; and
 improvements to its online calculators that make them more
 accessible to visually impaired or blind students. Read more
 about each development in turn:





 Have you contributed to the Math Forum website?

 Last Saturday's announcement from the President and
 President-Elect of NCTM foreshadows a migration of some content
 from to, and the eventual sunsetting of as you know it today.

 We have already reached out to many of you with whom we have
 collaborated to support your continued use of your materials.

 Discussants and math doctors, stay tuned for more about NCTM's
 online community efforts.

 Otherwise, please alert us to your special needs -- and thank
 you for building math community with us through the decades!



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