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Volume 22, Number 4

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 January 27, 2017                                Vol. 22, No. 4


               Summer Camp Applications Due Soon
      Avoid Hard Work! | Math Puts a New Middle on the Map



 The Math Forum's Student Center describes opportunities for
 online and residential math summer camps in Canada, China, and
 almost half the states in the union, including:

    - Arizona
    - California
    - Colorado
    - Illinois
    - Indiana
    - Kentucky
    - Maryland
    - Massachusetts
    - Michigan
    - Minnesota
    - Nebraska
    - New Hampshire
    - New Jersey
    - New Mexico
    - New York
    - Ohio
    - Pennsylvania
    - Texas
    - Utah
    - Vermont
    - Virginia
    - Washington

 Some of these camps offer financial aid or early registration
 discounts -- and many have deadlines already coming up, so
 encourage students to apply soon:

 High School Students

 Middle School Students


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "#NoticeWonder always reminds me to look for more than is on
 the surface of student answers #elemmathchat"

 - Christine, tweeted to @MFAnnie


                         AVOID HARD WORK!


 A new book, "Avoid Hard Work! ... and Other Encouraging
 Mathematical Problem-Solving Tips for the Young, the Very
 Young, and the Young at Heart," contains a playful take on 10
 powerful problem-solving techniques.

 The techniques in essay form were first published by the
 Mathematical Association of America (MAA) to help high school
 students in their advanced math courses. With crowdfunding,
 Maria Droujkova, James Tanton, and Yelena McManaman have now
 adapted the techniques in book form for parents, teachers, math
 circle leaders, and others who work with children ages three
 to ten.

 Scroll below the buttons for purchasing "Avoid Hard Work!" in
 paperback or eBook format to check out a video of one of the
 problem-solving techniques, sample activities, and the table
 of contents.


    Now taking place: Math education conversation of the day

 "This is great advice, Dana. As an FYI for those who might not
 know, there are other calculators out there that are not
 labeled CAS, but actually also do this kind of symbolic
 manipulation, which is not allowed."

 - Liz, posted to the secondary (grades 9-12) discussion group
   of the Association of Math Teachers of New York State



 Where's the geographic center of North America?

 The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) answered this question over
 80 years ago. But by using a mathematically sound definition
 and taking the curvature of Earth into account, University at
 Buffalo geographer Peter Rogerson recently re-examined the
 question and arrived at a new, and serendipitous, conclusion.

 On Wednesday, The New York Times reported on how Rogerson's
 discovery has impacted the people who live and work in the old
 and new centers of the continent:



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